Pakistani Christian arrested, charged with plasphemy


Pakistan continues to punish its minority Christian population, according to a report from Compass Direct. Yet another Pakistani Christian was arrested in mid-October and charged with blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed.

Blasphemy charges were filed Oct. 14 against Ayub Masih, a Punhami Christian. If convicted, Masih is subject to execution. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) confirmed that Masih is being held in the Sahiwal Central Jail.

Masih is charged with causing a “wave of anger” and “an uproar in the whole city” according to a report in the Khabrain newspaper. “All shops and city centers remained closed. Even the Bar Association observed a complete strike and organized a procession,” the paper reported. The facts of Masih’s alleged offense have not been made public.

More than a dozen Christians have been prosecuted under Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws, which were enacted five years ago. Although none have been convicted, some were imprisoned for years without bail while their cases were under deliberation. Five of those arrested were subsequently murdered by Moslem extremists, while four others have fled the country, seeking religious asylum abroad.

— E.P. News

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