Pakistan National Wins AED 100,000 in O! Millionaire Raffle Draw

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Rafiullah Hamidullah, a service supervisor and Middle Eastern cuisine chef from Pakistan, joined the O! Millionaire draw last January 26, 2023 and his Green Certificate ID won the raffle draw with a prize of AED 100,000.

Rafiullah has been living in Oman for 20 years and also been participating in the O! Millionaire program for the past five months as he stated in his interview. He regularly buys Green Certificates and has been watching the draw live every time. However, on the 26th of January, he missed the draw because he was watching the Oman versus Iraq football match.


When he checked his laptop later that day, he was surprised to see that he had won AED 100,000 in the draw. He checked multiple times to confirm that he had indeed won, and then called his wife to share the news. She was initially skeptical, but was soon convinced of his win.

Rafiullah plans to use the money to secure his family’s future and provide for his children’s education. He also wants to support his mother and brother, and change their lives for the better. He expressed gratitude to Allah for giving him this opportunity and encouraged others to participate in the O! Millionaire draws.

He emphasized the benefits of the Green Certificates, which not only contribute to the future of our environment but also provide participants with chances to win big. He urged everyone to join in and take advantage of the opportunity to change their lives for the better.

O! Millionaire has been changing lives since its inception. The Green Certificates have been contributing to the development of O! Millionaire’s green initiative, the Oasis Park and draws have been transforming the lives of participants. With the program’s popularity growing, more people are expected to participate in the future and have the chance to change their lives for the better.

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