OSS/BSS Assurance

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Business services are EXPANDING
Support systems are increasing in COMPLEXITY
Support teams are GROWING

Introducing the OSS assurance system from Abilisoft

Organisations are continually looking for ways to improve business services and increase their competitive edge.

In order to do this, investment in Operational Support Systems (OSS) is increasing and they are being deployed more quickly than ever before. The ongoing deployment of these sophisticated tools means investing ever increasing resources of time, money and expertise to ensure they operate to their full potential.

The introduction of best practice frameworks such as eTOM and ITIL requires a greater accountability of operational control throughout the business. This increases the requirement to provide assurance of all business critical systems. For OSS teams, this creates the need to “monitor the monitor”.

MTM has been designed to help OSS teams meet these business challenges.

IMPROVE the management of your OSS environment
PROVIDE a simplified view of your OSS platforms
INCREASE the efficiency of your support teams

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