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    “Now That’s a Good Question” by R. C. Sproul

    Without reservation, I will point to the Bible as the ultimate explanation of, and guide to, Chrisitanity, knowledge of the Lord, and salvation. However, after years of searching, I have finally found a book I think should be a “must” as a companion volume on every nightstand.

    Those of you who are either new Christians or have been living off the planet for the past 25 years may not have heard of R.C. Sproul. But, it’s a name you should become very familiar with. Sproul is, and has been, one of God’s great gifts to those of us who must live and learn using the “KISS” formula (Keep It Simple S_____. At your pleaseure, you may insert “Sweetheart” or “Silly” or “Stupid” or whatever fits.

    In this massive work (615 pages), Sproul has outdone even himself. And, for the author of such books as If There is a God, Chosen by God and The Glory of Christ, that was quite a chore. Divided into loosely categorical sections, Now, That’s a Good Question deals with many times asked and often extremely complex theological issues.

    The greatest blessing to me and, I’m sure, to every reader of this information, joy, wit, anecdotal and laugh filled work is that it really answers the questions. I must admit that I have been hard pressed to put this wonderful learning tool down. Page after page, they way Sproul answers the  myriad of simple, complex, and, on occasion, absolutely unbelievable questions is magnetic.

    His years of study and teaching shine from every page, shedding light on issues that almost all of us have pondered at one time or another.

    Most impressive though, is they way that Sproul never “dodges the bullet.” With the skill of a surgeon and a gentle touch he pares away ever so deftly the superflous, exposing the simple truth so many times hidden under the complexities of “man created” theological posturing. As a teacher, he seems, in the main, to be a Biblical literalist, allowing the Scriptures to speak for themselves. As a commentator, he hides nothing from his readers. As a preacher, he shows the way. He doesn’t try either to lead you to it, or push you down it. After reading only a few chapters, I felt like I was having a discussion with an old, and very comfortable friend.

    This is a man almost anyone would love to sit with at a long and leisurely dinner conversation. When I finally put the book down, I felt almost like I had. It was a very refreshing feeling.

    Even his self deprecating humor should be attractive to men and women alike. He shows his age at one point when he admits he really is leery about Christian bumper stickers on the back of cars. Reminding himself however, that the “good news” of the Gospel was spread throughout the world through tracts written for the generation to which they were (and are) being distributed, he admits that his REAL concern is that the message not be too “cutesy” when its displayed.

    All in all, the “wife rating” on this one is very high. She determines how much I like Ð- and thus can recommend a book — by the time I spend with it.

    In the case of Now That’s a Good Question, I spent a LOT of time. And, I plan to spend a lot more.

    Paul McShane of Carlsbad is an author, businessman and journalist.

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