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    NBA 2K23: Boot Camp Comeback

    A6K is best on-line store for MT coins, we will offer you 2K23 MT coins at best price! This promo happens in the City and is only open to players with an OVR rating of 75 or below. The good news is that there will be even more events this season. Here’s everything about the upcoming event.


    The next Boot Camp promo is getting closer to us very soon and you can start playing on December 10th. If you have no idea of what this event is, it was essential for new players to level up the MyCAREER player. The City weekend kicks off Friday night with a Club 2K event that many players love to participate in due to the 2x badge progression. Theater in The City is a great way for players to check out their builds.


    There are four promos available at the moment and will be updated on December 9th, so you still have some time to play. These events change weekly, so be sure to pay attention to NBA 2K23 MyCAREER for what’s happening at the Theater. Here’s what’s happening right now:


    Double Dunks, The Cages, No Squads


    Since we’ve covered the new tournaments and promos in NBA 2K23, let’s shift our focus on the rewards. NBA 2K23 MyCAREER players will want a lot of rewards in Season 3, and we’ve put together a guide to all the rewards. Items range from new roll counters to gear that can be equipped and used to gain extra XP in the City. You can start leveling up quickly by playing in the Theater or various venues. Here are some of the rewards you will get in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER:


    Season 3 Tee, Season 3 Ball, Holiday Ball Trail, 4 NBA Team Green Releases and New Shot Meter

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