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    Most anti-family state bills defeated; AB257 veto urged

    California families have something to thank God for. Out of the 18 bills advancing the gay agenda, 17 were defeated and only one has gone to the Governor. The final day of the legislative session saw the defeat of AB 1059 (Migden) promoting homosexual domestic partnerships, AB 310 (Kuehl) attacking religious freedom and AB 949 (Ducheny) teaching social workers to advocate homosexuality.

    “These bills were defeated because of the hard work of thousands of individuals, groups and churches that stood up for God’s values in the public square,” said Randy Thomasson of Capitol Resource Institute. “The pressure was so intense that some legislators were actually peeling away from bills they had previously supported!”

    Thomansson thanked all the radio stations which faithfully reported on the battle and sent so many phone calls to legislators. Out of the 18 bills, the lone survivor was AB 257 (Villaraigosa) which passed the Senate 22-18 and is currently on the Governor’s desk.

    “This is a very dangerous bill,” Thomasson said. “AB 257 empowers homosexuals to launch taxpayer-funded lawsuits against businesspersons, property owners, the Boy Scouts and others who are personally opposed to homosexual behavior. By declaring homosexuality a state-approved ‘civil right,’ public school children will be taught to approve of homosexual behavior. AB 257 makes a mockery of civil rights law by placing a sexual behavior on the same level as immutable characteristics such as race and ethnicity.”

    Thomansson said now is the time to take action by writing, faxing or calling Gov. Wilson to encourage him to veto AB 257. Address: Gov. Wilson, State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814. Phone: 916-658-2793 (voice mail), 916-445-1455 (constituent services). Fax: 916-445-4633. The deadline for Wilson to decide is Oct. 12.

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