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    MITENG CUAN IS APPROACHING! Pursuing 28 Business Ideas in Southeast Minahasa Regency that Rarely Rival, Guaranteed?

    The following is about the types of business ideas that we desire in Southeast Minahasa Regency , which are rarely rivaled. At first glance, this idea is very tempting for beginners who want to start or even become entrepreneurs.

    Especially for those of you who still don’t have a permanent business and don’t have capital. From now on, there is no need to hesitate anymore, because this 2023 business idea is a need for consumers in the Southeast Minahasa region region , which is certainly very promising.

    Conical on the initial goal, to become a successful entrepreneur that benefits the prosperity of the people’s economy. This time, CilacapUpdate can find out business fields or 28 trusted business ideas .

    And suitable for beginners so that the economy of Southeast Minahasa Regency will excel. For novice entrepreneurs in the Southeast Minahasa region of North Sulawesi Province, this is a fairly simple type of business and requires capital that doesn’t drain your dry pocket at all!

    That way the products that are much sought after by the people of Southeast Minahasa bear consistent fruit and continue to grow. Are you curious about what types of businesses are rarely rivaled and are still suitable for beginners?

    Come on, let’s just practice! But before that, you should know about these 28 business ideas that have the potential to make you an instant millionaire.

    Cilacap quotes from various sources, the following is a list of business ideas for 2023 in Southeast Minahasa Regency , North Sulawesi Province, which are rarely rivaled and suitable for beginners, then you can consider when you want to start a business:

    1. Selling groceries in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    The first type of business idea that you can try in Southeast Minahasa Regency is selling groceries. Selling groceries can be a promising business or venture. The reason is, everyone needs basic necessities to be able to survive. The types of groceries that you can sell are rice, flour, cooking oil, eggs, spices, sugar, tea and others.

    Selling basic necessities is a type of business that is suitable for beginners, because of its location which can be in front of the terrace of the house. Try to sell as many types of groceries as possible so that buyers are more interested in shopping at your place. Who knows, this is a business that has been used by the sultan that you can develop further.

    2. Open Laundry Services in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    For people in Southeast Minahasa Regency who have busy activities, they will not have time to wash their own clothes. Well, this business idea can be a big opportunity in Southeast Minahasa Regency . That way you can use this laundry business to start as a business idea in the Southeast Minahasa Regency area .

    3. Selling Various Foods from the Catering System in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    For those of you who like to cook, a catering business at home in the Southeast Minahasa Regency will be fun. Catering business can be a very profitable business because it is much needed by residents of Southeast Minahasa Regency for various events.

    Simultaneously needed in various conditions are the characteristics of a promising business. Like, Southeast Minahasa cuisine , fried rice, and so on, with the condition that the sales system is catering.

    4. Selling Snacks in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    As with catering, opening a snack business will also be very profitable. Snacks are much needed for certain events such as thanksgiving, weddings, social gatherings, to recitations for mothers in Southeast Minahasa Regency .

    The types of snacks that many people are looking for and that you can sell are macroni, chips, basreng, pastries, and so on. You can also provide various flavors such as sweet, salty, savory, and spicy. It’s time to maximize this business opportunity that was once used by the sultan in Southeast Minahasa Regency .

    5. Functioning Home Yard as a Business in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    The next type of business idea used by the sultan in Southeast Minahasa Regency is that you can use your front yard to start a business . Like making snack stalls, ice, dry food, and so on. With a minimalist and simple kiosk design, it is comfortable and very efficient when maintaining a very affordable kiosk from your home.

    6. Selling clothes in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    Clothing is a primary need that must be met by the people. The business of selling clothes will certainly be a very profitable opportunity and a promising business idea . This business is also quite flexible because it can be run in a relaxed manner.

    You can also start this business by starting it as a sideline, then you collect the proceeds from selling these sidelines until you can use them to develop your clothing business.

    7. Selling Clothes Sewing Business in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    The next business idea is to open a clothing sewing service. Because clothing is a primary need that is patented for residents of Southeast Minahasa Regency , this sewing service business can become one of the most profitable businesses in Southeast Minahasa Regency .

    If you want to get more income, you can also open a convection business at home. Develop this idea to become a promising business. Then, offer interesting things in Southeast Minahasa as additional points that make your business different from the others.

    8. Selling Graphic Design Services for Southeast Minahasa Regency

    Opening a graphic design service is a very effective business idea in Southeast Minahasa Regency. how come graphic design services are one of the most sought-after businesses by outside companies and the Southeast Minahasa Regency area .

    That’s why graphic design services are quite a promising business idea . Which later is very much needed for various purposes such as making advertising promotions, posters/banners, and stickers.

    9. Selling Internet Packages for Southeast Minahasa Regency

    Next, the business idea is to open a service or sell internet facilities. Efforts in the form of facilitating the internet are very profitable without bothering to spend a lot of energy. Because, now the internet has become an important need for everyone, especially in Southeast Minahasa Regency , West Sumatra. Many of our daily activities that we do using the internet such as work, communicate, and others.

    This can be an interesting opportunity for those of you who want to open a business selling internet quota. Apart from being a business that was used by the sultan, selling internet quota is also a business that is suitable for beginners because it is quite simple and practical to run.

    10. Opening a Coffee Shop in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    Opening a coffee shop is the right business idea , especially since coffee is one of Indonesia’s favorite drinks, especially in Southeast Minahasa Regency .

    Although the characteristics of a coffee shop are in the form of a cafe that has mushroomed and has a lot of demand because the coffee that is provided is very varied. But from that you still have the opportunity to open a simple coffee shop in the Southeast Minahasa Regency area or the village where you live in Southeast Minahasa Regency .

    With only the terrace and some mixing tools at a lower price for the initial stage. At the same time accompanied by the knowledge of making coffee that you have learned before.

    That way, if coffee shops in the Southeast Minahasa Regency area can be managed properly, this business is very unlikely to decline. It can even expand and develop into a very advanced business.

    11. Village Chicken Livestock, Southeast Minahasa Regency

    Cultivating or raising native chickens for residents of Southeast Minahasa Regency is a profitable business idea in the village. This is because in general the village has large land or land and also has an effective environment for raising chickens. Requiring small capital is also the main factor why raising free-range chickens is a promising business in the village because it is not like raising goats or cows which requires quite a lot of capital.

    In addition, this type of business in this village has the opportunity to partner with various companies, especially in the livestock and food sectors, which generally can help farmers from start to harvest.

    12. Selling Traditional Cakes of Southeast Minahasa Regency

    Every village, especially Southeast Minahasa Regency , generally has special food that has a unique taste and is different from the others. Therefore, selling village-specific traditional cakes is a promising business idea in the village of Southeast Minahasa Regency because it still has a high level of demand.

    This is because the types of businesses in the village always have a place in the hearts of the people of Southeast Minahasa Regency , apart from that the development of packaging technology can make packaging with traditional handles more hygienic and attractive. Potential businesses in this village also have quite affordable capital because usually their main raw materials are still widely available in agricultural lands in the village. Thus, this type of business in this village will also contribute to improving the lives of farmers in the village.

    13. Hairdressing Services in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    This type of business is a business opportunity in the village area of ​​Southeast Minahasa Regency which is quite potential in the future. So, villagers no longer need to bother going to the sub-district or Southeast Minahasa Regency, Southeast Minahasa Regency to get services. This is also an opportunity for young scholars before returning to their villages to learn this skill in preparation for opening a business in the village.

    Especially now that there are many trainings at affordable prices to prepare someone to become a reliable barber. To be run as a business in the village, a barbering business can be run flexibly, either by way of residents coming to our place or by way of if there is a request, we will go to the consumer.

    14. Gallon Business, Southeast Minahasa Regency

    The Gallon Business is a business idea in a rural area of ​​the Southeast Minahasa Regency which is quite diverse and continues to grow. How could it not be, the idea of ​​refilling gallons is one of the most effective businesses in the village. Because in general villages are rich in springs and have good quality groundwater.

    In addition, various installation tools for the drinking water depot business are quite easy to trace, either online or coming directly to the shop. Especially with the increasing use of electric dispensers, of course making filling gallons a profitable business in the village and having quite high prospects going forward.

    15. Hydroponic Farming Business in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    Hydroponics is a business idea in the field of modern agriculture in Southeast Minahasa Regency . How to plant this one business idea is certainly very easy, only by relying on water growing media and adding various types of nutrients.

    This type of business is indeed being loved by the people of Southeast Minahasa Regency . But that does not mean it is not suitable to be used as a business in rural areas. In general, village people already live with agriculture, so running a hydroponic farming business is not difficult to learn and run.

    Furthermore, this type of business idea in this village has installation materials which are also quite easy to obtain and assemble. There have been many tutorials on social media, such as Youtube, Facebook and so on. Then they explained how to farm using the hydroponic method.

    16. Agricultural Equipment Rental Business in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    For those who have quite a lot of capital and are looking for business ideas in the villages of Southeast Minahasa Regency , it’s a good idea to look at this type of business. Agricultural equipment rental business is a suitable type of business in the village because it has a clear target market.

    Especially when entering certain seasons such as harvesting or planting where the demand for tools for plowing or harvesting fields is very high.

    17. Sales of Various Plant Seeds in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    Selling various types of plant seeds is a promising business idea in rural Southeast Minahasa Regency . Because in addition to very supportive environmental conditions, such as far from pollution and close to water sources. Business opportunities in this village have a wide market, especially since the presence of the one that allows us to market our products online. The variety of types of seeds also makes us have many choices to do business in this village. Starting from ornamental plant seeds, vegetables, to fruit plant seeds.

    This is what makes selling seeds a promising business in villages and urban areas in the Southeast Minahasa Regency. Selling seedlings can also be a productive business in the village or district of Southeast Minahasa . Due to the increasing trend of planting in the people of Southeast Minahasa since the pandemic and this trend is likely to continue.

    18. Became Sub-Agent of 3Kg Elpiji for Southeast Minahasa Regency

    Elpiji 3Kg Sub-Agent is a party that has a permit to distribute LPG gas to retailers or the people of Southeast Minahasa in general. Becoming a sub-agent for 3kg LPG can be a business opportunity in a village that promises quite good profits because there are quite a number of retailers.

    Even though there are several administrative requirements that must be completed to apply for a permit, if it goes well it can become a profitable business in the village. For complete requirements to become a 3kg LPG sub-agent, please contact the nearest Pertamina at your place.

    19. Selling mini gas stations in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    If making a SPBB Fuel Filling Station requires very large funds, it is different from the mini gas station or Pertashop in collaboration with Pertamina. Pertashop can be a profitable village business because it has a regular supply from Pertamina and the price is the same as what Pertamina sells. Apart from that, pertashop is a business or business in rural and urban areas in the Southeast Minahasa region with considerable potential. Because the number of Pertamina gas stations is very limited near the village, the presence of Pertashop is very beneficial for the community.

    20. Furniture Craft Business in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    This is a good business in an area where there are still large trees that can be used as furniture raw materials according to existing regulations. Even though it requires a lot of capital to buy raw materials, equipment, and hire additional workers if needed, furniture making is a profitable idea and business because the market does not only reach within the country, such as only in the Southeast Minahasa region . However, there are also great opportunities for export abroad.

    The presence of digital technology enables the public, including furniture entrepreneurs in Southeast Minahasa Regency to conduct market research and establish communication with various parties, especially consumers and business partners who can encourage furniture crafts to become a successful business in Southeast Minahasa .

    21. Lodging Business in Southeast Minahasa Regency

    If you live in a village that has great tourism potential, preparing your own house to be ready for tourists to live in can be a business opportunity in your hometown. Although it doesn’t have to be as complete and comfortable as a hotel or luxury inn, residents’ lodging still has advantages such as a completely natural atmosphere. You can also provide sever