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    Lucas Announces Farewell from NCT and WayV, Focus on Solo Career

    PEOPLE ‘S THOUGHTS – SM Entertainment artist Lucas has made an important announcement for his fans regarding his future career at NCT and WayV .

    Through his Instagram account, Lucas announced that he was no longer with NCT dan WayV, grup yang sudah membersarkan namanya.

    ” After much deliberation and reflection, I have made the difficult decision to part ways with the NCT group and WayV . I sincerely feel sorry for the members, and it is with a heavy heart that I leave old friendships ,” Lucas said in an Instagram upload @lucas_xx444.

    Lucas thanked the members of NCT and WayV for continuously supporting him throughout his 8 year career. He hopes that the members of NCT and WayV will continue to cherish their memories.

    ” I am very grateful for their concern and support. I will cherish these memories and will never forget. I hope the members will remember me as Huang Xuxi, not just Lucas . I truly love them and will always support them from the bottom my heart ,” he said.

    Dalam unggahannya, Lucas menjelaskan bahwa butuh waktu lama untuk memikirkan keputusan tersebut. Menurutnya, ini adalah keputusan terbaik untuk dirinya serta anggota NCT dan WayV.

    Going forward, Lucas said that he would focus on pursuing a solo career. ” I believe the best way to repay the fans who support me is to continue to give great performances. I will try to become a more mature Huang Xuxi and an even better Lucas ,” he said.

    Previously, news of Lucas’ departure from NCT and WayV had been confirmed by the agency, SM Entertainment .

    ” After deliberating with Luca, we made a mutual decision to part ways with the groups NCT and WayV to pursue solo careers ,” said SM Entertainment .

    The agency asked fans to continue to support Lucas in pursuing his solo career. “ We ask for your understanding and support, this is a decision taken after much consideration by the members and all the fans who have supported us ,” he said.

    Lucas Returns After Hiatus

    Lucas NCT made fans excited after uploading a video on the Instagram account @ lucas_xx444. In the video, Lucas NCT is seen doing exercises against a black and white background on Wednesday, 1 February 2023.

    This surprised fans. Lucas NCT last uploaded the soundtrack for the film Forrest Gump by Alan Silvestri. He also photographed the crescent moon on January 24, 2023.

    Lucas fan NCT , Czennies and Wayzenni were very hysterical when they saw the idol’s upload on Instagram. From the comments of the fans, they felt the joy of being able to watch the idol perform the choreography by dancing again.

    They even begged Lucas NCT to make a comeback as soon as possible after the NCT case that happened to him a few years ago.

    Apart from Lucas NCT , Lee Song Su, Co-CEO Entertainment also uploaded a portrait with Lucas NCT . The post made fans happy, even saying ‘ War is Over ‘ or the war is over.

    In uploading Instagram @chris_lee_sm, Lucas NCT is seen wearing a green jacket and black beanie. He looks healthy when taking pictures next to Lee Song Su.

    But Lee Song Su did not provide any information about their meeting. The post was commented on by LDN Noise and Ryan Jhun. It is known that both of them are SM Entertainment composers .

    With the comments of the two composers, fans are speculating that Lucas NCT will be making a comeback in the near future. ***

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