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    Logos II arrives here this month

    The Broadway Pier in San Diego will be home for Logos II on June 17 through July 14 in a historic visit of Operation Mobilization’s international ship, staffed by 200 people from 35 nations.

    Logos II began a tour of six West Coast harbors in February. Long Beach was first, following by Vancouver, Seattle, Nanaimo and Portland.

    “Since 1970, the ship has ministered to over 25 million people in 32 countries, but this is the first time the ship has been on the West Coast. And it’ll probably be the only time in our lifetime,” said Dan Gillespie, local director. “The ship’s bookstore is open for visitors, but if you want a tour – and they’re free – you’ve got to make reservations. And I suggest you sign up early!”

    More than half the daily tours have been filled by late May, he said.

    “The ship is a glimpse of how God is using ordinary people today to do extraordinary things,” Gillespie said. “For anyone who has considered missions work, you need to come and meet the crew. There is also a limited opportunity to come and work along side the crew.

    “There’s really something for everyone, such as being a host or hostess in the hospitality tent at dock side. And if nothing else, visit the bookstore – it’s the second largest floating bookstore in the world, with more than 4,000 titles.”

    In addition to the tours, there are a host of other activities during the ship’s stay, both on board and at various other sites in the county. (See ad on page 16 for a schedule.) Among the highlights are programs for children, youth adults and seniors, as well as special evenings for different cultures, women, youth workers and more. There are also concerts, conferences and speeches before the ship leaves on July 14 to Mexico and Central America.

    Another highlight of the 27-day stay is the combined effort with the Jesus Video Project of San Diego to show the Jesus video in different languages. Special showings are scheduled on June 27-28 in Russian, Vietnamese, English, Iranian, Spanish and Filipino. (See “The Calendar” inside for details.)

    For more information about any of the activities, call Operation Mobilization in San Diego at (619) 874-0200.

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