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    ‘Line Of Duty Season 5’ : How Is It Connected To The Previous Series?

    Line of Duty season 6 won’t return for a while, however, when it returns AC-12 will investigate the connections between the Organised Crime Group (OCG) as well as police corruption, and

    The mysterious H. What is the relationship between season 5 connected to the earlier series in Line of Duty? Here’s a summary of previous seasons and how the seasons from Line of Duty are linked to each other.

    Line Duty season 5 is the continuation and conclusion to the police anti-corruption unit AC-12’s work during the previous four seasons. Through the years the cops Steve Arnott (played by Martin Compston), Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) found a rotting apple within the police force as they orchestrated corruption and worked with organized crime organizations in order to earn the cash. Season 5 of this BBC show was about them trying to find the top boss and find the person known as codename H and who’s been playing the game throughout the series.

    What is the relationship between season 5 and to previous seasons?

    Simply put it is that all seasons in Line of Duty are linked to the larger H conspiracy.

    The H conspiracy began to surface as the seasons progressed and series three revealed the link between each episode after the huge Caddy revelation.

    In the midst of the plot AC-12 has discovered that a top police officer is in charge of the entire operation and has been the source of the endemic corruption within the police force.

    Line of Duty season 1

    In the first season, AC-12 was investigating Tony Gates (Lennie James) for laddering, which is when officers add the list of other offenses to the list of charges for the criminal in order to make them appear more attractive. In essence, it’s a means to alter the facts and make the officer appear nice.

    But, the public soon learned that there was something gravely wrong following the fact that Gates’ lover Jackie Laverty (Gina McKee) was found dead, and mysterious Balaclava-clad characters pursued the detective.

    Jackie was caught up in a saga with several shady characters and a dangerous criminal identified as Tommy Hunter (Brian McCardie) He was thought to be the leader of the Balaclava band.

    Line of Duty season 2

    The second season was a continuation of AC-12 investigating suspect copper Lindsay Denton (Keeley Hawes) and was suspected of taking a bag filled with cash in exchange for details about the police’s operations.

    She let a man under witness protection, later later found as Tommy Hunter, to be assaulted while she was watching, and all the police in the area being killed aside from her.

    After initially surviving the attack, Hunter was murdered because Hunter threatened to expose the entire conspiracy. In a set of audio recordings uncovered by AC-12, Tommy mentioned a figure known as The Caddy who was a spokesman with him and was his insider and police agent.

    Line of Duty season 3

    The third season was the time when the truth about the conspiracy was exposed. The series began by investigating Danny Waldron (Daniel Mays) who was in the AC-12’s sights after an individual was killed during one of his investigations under suspicious circumstances.

    Waldron was found to have killed the man who had assaulted the child and others at the Sands View Boys Home.

    They had been sexually exploited in the paedophile ring, which was operated by criminal underworld, and associated with the OCG.

    However, the connections didn’t stop in the second part of season four was filled with Dot try to conceal up his tracks.

    Denton returned in a surprising manner also and began helping AC-12, but he later discovered the real identity of the Caddy which led Dot to murder her.

    The series ended with the revelation of The Caddy the unidentified figure within the police force that is working for H and trying to keep him an inch ahead of AC-12.

    In the final analysis, Dot – one of their own – was revealed by the anti-corruption team as the person who was feeding information to H as well as Hunter.

    Dot wrote a final declaration in support of Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) as a gesture of redemption, as well as getting a bullet for her.

    Line of Duty season 4

    The Caddy revelations revealed the plot to corrupt police and AC-12 put the pieces together slowly.

    Season 4 was centered around Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton) The actress was accused of hiding evidence to secure quickly convicted and sent innocent people to prison.

    She was an officer, like Denton who was involved in the conspiracy instead of being complicit.

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