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    PROMISE KEEPERS is meeting in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 4 for a time of prayer and repentance for our nation. I overheard on the radio that ACT UP, NOW, the ACLU and Satanists are going to Washington to confront Promise Keepers on a one to one basis. The purpose, of course, is to stop them from praying. So please keep Promise Keepers in prayer that they will not be detracted from their purpose, and pray for wisdom and protection for them.

    THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION is now trying to weaken the “Made in U.S.A.” standards. If the proposed rule change is adopted, products made with 25 percent or more foreign labor and foreign materials could be labeled “Made in USA.” This would deceive consumers and export more U.S. jobs overseas. Congressman Hunter has cosponsored Congressman Franks bill, Congressional Resolution 80, which would maintain the standard for “Made in the USA” labeling on all or virtually all the products made in the U.S. Write your congressman and the two U.S. Senators to support this resolution.

    STOP “LASH WEDNESDAY” on 101 KGB, the public airways have been used to broadcast “Lash Wednesday,” a program segment of the “Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw” radio broadcast. This is a mockery of the Catholic faith, and if one faith is mocked, the rest will follow. Please write to Todd Little, Program Manager, 101 KGB Radio, 5745 Kearny Villa Road, Suite M, San Diego, 92123 and tell them they are discriminating and mocking religious beliefs.

    EDUCATION: As the education establishment is gearing up to get bonds passed for school building, isn’t it about time that we demand a state audit of the educational establishment and find out why we continue to give money to the educational system while too many of our children cannot read nor write. According to Inside California, July 1997, 83 percent of education spending goes to salaries and benefits. Remember that bonds for school buildings is separate from the money that is allocated for teacher’s salaries and operating the schools, and school supplies, is the last item to be funded if there is any money left over.

    AB 288, (Bill Leonard-R) introduced a bill which creates a nonpartisan body, the California Educational Research Institute, that would be required to research educational methodoligies to determine the most effective practices and review the state’s text book adoption processes.

    Beverly Wyer of El Cajon is a Christian political activist.

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