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    LEGISLATIVE UPDATE What’s Happening in China?

    “Take heed that no man deceives you.” Matthew 24:4

    1. In China, the government destroyed some 15,000 “unregistered” houses of worship in one province alone. Christians have been “hung up by their hands and tortured by having electric batons placed against their bodies.”
    2. China is a one-party dictatorship which crushes the merest hint of political pluralism. The press is wholly censored and freedom of speech on any political topic is nonexistent.
    3. China forces the abortion of a second child to lower its population.
    4. Nearly two million political prisoners in China’s slave labor concentration camps are making products for foreign companies.
    5. We have a $40 billion deficit with China. China put a tariff on our goods being shipped there, but we do not have a tariff on its goods coming into America.
    6. Cosco, which is a creature of the People’s Liberation Army of China, last year smuggled 2,000 automatic weapons into the United States for use by Los Angeles gangs.
    7. China does not face any external threat, but is increasing military spending faster than any other nation. It is moving rapidly to build air and naval forces that in the short term will be able to credibly threaten Taiwan, and in the long run will challenge the United States for domination of the Pacific.
    8. Despite China’s promises in 1992 and 1994 to stop selling missile technology, American satellites and intelligence agents have observed regular travel by Chinese missile technicians to Pakistan, and have documented steady transfer of missile-related equipment. In addition, China has been outfitting Iran with poison gas ingredients and equipment for at least five years.
    9. In 1977 the United States agreed to give the Panama Canal and its hundreds of millions of dollars in related properties to Panama by 1999. The Panamanian government has awarded the two former American ports that guard the Pacific and the Atlantic entrances to the canal, Balboa and Cristobal, to a Hong Kong firm closely tied to the Chinese government.

    Please write to your U.S. senators and congressmen and ask them to quit trading with China until all human rights abuses are stopped and until they stop sending missile technology to Pakistan and poison gas to Iran, and to put a tariff on Chinese goods coming into America. China is not our friend!

    Beverly Wyer of El Cajon is a Christian political activist.

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