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    LEGISLATIVE UPDATE – Governmental Foolishness


    Congress Refuses to Protect Children From Child Molesters: The Istook/Manzulo amendment to Title X was defeated in the House during consideration of the Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations Bill. The amendment required written consent or proof of actual notice from a parent or guardian before a minor can receive contraceptive/abortifacient drugs or devices at federally funded “family planning” clinics. It also required that Title X clinics report any evidence of child abuse, child molestation, sexual abuse, rape or incest (RNC Report, Sept./Oct. 1997). Write to your Congressman regarding this amendment. Don’t let Congress get away with this!

    National Testing: Congressman Bill Goodling (R-PA), himself a former school superintendent, opposes national testing in principle. He believes that more tests wouldn’t provide information not already known about what’s wrong with U.S. schools and that comparisons among schools are invidious. The past few weeks have produced bountiful evidence that the tests now in the works are seriously flawed; just the sort of exams teacher’s unions would love. They won’t tell us whether children can actually read or compute but are the trendy tests of dumbed-down standards. (National Monitor of Education, October 1997)

    Global Gun Control Is Latest New World Order Scheme: First, there’s the New World army, then a New World court system, New World taxation, New World laws to protect “human rights,” the “rights of women” and the rights of just about everything except sovereign nations. The U.N. Social and Economic Committee voted in July to approve a resolution for international laws governing the private ownership of firearms. If we can’t control the bureaucracy in Washington, how can we control it in the U.N.? Write in support of HJR 83, the “Bricker Amendment” by Rep. Chenoweth that states that the Constitution is the highest law above executive orders and agreements. It would strangle the New World Order. (VIPS Newsletter, October 1997)

    More on China: The U.S. is subsidizing this Communist government with a hefty $50 billion trade deficit this year, which is being used to modernize its military. In April 1997, a China Communist Central Party document was published by Cheng Ming’s monthly newsletter. It stated unequivocally that a “small war” between China and the U.S. over the issue of Taiwan is inevitable by the year 2010. Also, 46 super computers were sold to Beijing over the past two years which were reportedly being used to program their missiles. I’m [Dr. Dobson] told these ICBMs can now hit the West Coast. The Clinton administration has eliminated the curbs put on U.S. exports of high-tech equipment. One example is laser technology. Because restrictions have been dropped, a $50,000 laser can now be used by any potential U.S. adversary to blind American pilots and neutralize a $20 million warplane. (Family News from Dr. James Dobson, September 1997)

    Red China Buys Russian Aircraft Carrier: The ship, a 67,500-ton Admiral Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier, was not completed, so China will have to complete it. It is Russia’s latest and most modern ship, capable of carrying 18 Russian SU27B2 Flankers or 25 MiG 29 Fulcrum advanced jets. It could carry conventional or nuclear warheads, which could be capable of destroying U.S. warships equipped with anti-missile systems. (VIPS Newsletter, September 1997)

    Finally: In the November 3, 1997 issue of the San Diego Union-Tribune, William Safire reported that China has secured a $3 billion order for 50 aircraft to be built by Boeing. The big money, $60 billion to build nuclear power, goes to Westinghouse and other U.S. firms, which will make our nuclear policy dependent on the good will of Beijing. Our President extracted “clear assurances” that China will “not do what it insists it never did but promises to stop” in sending nuclear and missile technology to Pakistan and Iran. President Jiang Zemin stated to their neighborhoods “that the prospect of trade is the key to influencing American policy, and that no other potential market can compete with 1.2 billion Chinese.”

    Apparently, America continues to sell its soul for a dollar bill! Keep those letters going to Congress opposing any dealing with China. How dumb can we get? Dealing with China is like Prime Minister Chamberlain getting a peace agreement with Hitler – it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

    Beverly Wyer of El Cajon is a Christian political activist.

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