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    ASSEMBLYMAN JAN GOLDSMITH (R)-75th AD, wants to dispel misinformation regarding his position on abortion. He’s against abortion and says he would not vote for exemptions even for rape or incest. He would only vote if the PHYSICAL life of the mother was involved for an abortion. It is important to talk to your representatives directly and find out exactly where they stand on issues. Also, check their voting records. It is too easy to believe rumors even if they come from sources that you think are reliable. Check out everything.

    EDUCATION: National Monitor of Education, P.O. Box 402, Alamo, Ca. 94507 urgently needs your help in sponsoring a project, which is to send notices to school board presidents in 2000 school district warning them that homosexual educators and their allies plan to target all districts eventually to establish homosexual/lesbian sensitivity training workshops for all teachers and principles.

    Parents Involved in Education (PIE) is a nationwide parent’s rights group based in Palm Desert, Ca. The mission of PIE is 1} to thwart the restructuring of America into a corporate family, and 2} to return education to true local control and ensure our children are educated, not trained. If interested contact Carolyn Steinke, President, P.O. Box 3044, Palm Desert, Ca. 92261, Tel. (619) 772-0145.

    WALTER CRONKITE CENSURES RELIGIOUS RIGHT: Cronkite wrote a fund raising letter for the liberal Interfaith Alliance to raise money to battle conservative Christian groups like the Christian Coalition. He stated that Christian Coalition was unrepresentative of the views of the majority of Christians in the U.S. According to Diane Knippers, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, the leaders of the Interfaith Alliance have a strictly liberal pedigree. They come exclusively from the religious left. They support abortion, homosexual rights and even Marxist regimes, and was started in 1994 with a grant from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (AFA Journal May 1997)

    GOOD NEWS FOR ARKANSAS: God is cleaning up that state since they now have a Christian governor. More pro-family laws were enacted than other in recent memory. Few bad bills were introduced and virtually none of those introduced passed. (End-Time Handmaidens, Inc. May/June 1997)

    When you write letters to your elected representatives, try to offer a solution to the problem that you may be writing about. Christians have been on the defense too long, it is time to go on the offense and show we have answers.

    Beverly Wyer of El Cajon is a Christian political activist.

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