KBC Lucky Draw 2022 – KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022 Check Results


KBC Lucky Draw 2022 is one of today’s most popular TV game shows. An annual contest allows participants to win up to 25 lakh rupees. The contest is held twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th of the month. It is a self-registration random draw. Applicants can join this contest by visiting KBC’s official website or downloading the app from the company’s website. The Official KBC Lucky Draw Website is (https://goodnewsetc.com/always visit this website to participate in the KBC latest competitions.

The KBC lucky draw 2022 is free for all Indian citizens aged eighteen years and above. Participants must fill out a simple form on the company’s website to participate in this contest.

In addition, winners must provide a valid mobile number and full name.

To participate in the KBC Lucky Draw 2022, you need to submit an entry for the all-India sim card lucky draw held monthly by the KBC. You must ensure that your SIM card is always charged and that you pass each interview. You must submit an entry for the 25 lakh lottery services draw to participate in the KBC lucky draw.

KBC Lucky Draw Head Office WhatsApp Number +19188444477

KBC Lucky Draw 2022

KBC also has a lottery information center which can be accessed via Whatsapp. These centers are designed to inform customers about the latest lottery news and offers. They also serve as a way to avoid scams and false calls. Customers can also check their lottery numbers online.

KBC also offers a free lottery helpline available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You should call the KBC helpline if you encounter any problems with your lottery entry. You can also email the company to avoid talking to a live person.

केबीसी के आधिकारिक व्हाट्सएप नंबर पर कॉल करने के लिए कृपया व्हाट्सएप इमेज पर क्लिक करें धन्यवाद.



KBC is an organization that is dedicated to the welfare of its customers. They are available around the clock, and the company even offers a lottery helpline to make it easier for their customers to win the lottery. Besides a lottery helpline, the company also offers a free game show that lets participants try their luck at winning a cash prize.

One of the newest lottery programs introduced by KBC is the India sim card lucky draw. It is a lottery program that gives you more chances to win money by charging your SIM card. You can register at the KBC website, which is easy. The prize is worth the effort. The KBC lottery is the most popular lottery contest in India. The lottery is held twice a month, on the first and the fifteenth of each month. There is a prize for each draw and eight to ten lucky winners. The KBC lottery is available to all residents of India.

KBC Lucky Draw 2022 Winners List

  • Mr. Jay Kumar Winning Amount 25 lakh lottery number 8991 WhatsApp Number 999****000.
  • Mr. Anu Tamba Winning Amount 25 lakh lottery number 1122 WhatsApp Number 982****622.
  • Mr. Abro Kumar Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 2244 WhatsApp Number 878****363.
  • Ms. Ashra Rajpoot Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 0786 WhatsApp Number 987****048.
  • Mr. Makha Singh Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 98810 WhatsApp Number 684****147.
  • Mr. Bondi Yadav Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 0150 WhatApp Number 879****980
  • Ms. Shazia Hussain Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 89915 WhatApp Number 748****326
  • Ms. Alexa Rohit Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 98810 WhatApp Number 986****418
  • Ms. Nandni Mishra Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 44475 WhatApp Number 968****475
  • Mr. Rahul Pawan Winning Amount 35 Lakh Lottery Number 10018 WhatApp Number 778****140

How to take part in KBC Lucky Draw 2022

KBC also has a lottery that allows users to enter the draw by recharging their mobile phones. This is the cheapest and most fun way to participate in the lottery. The official KBC website is a great place to learn about all the available contests. You can also find out what KBC is doing to protect its customers from scams. Those who win the grand prize can take home a luxurious lifestyle. The company even offers two free draws in a month for lucky winners.

The KBC lottery also has an online system that allows you to check your lottery number conveniently. If you are a lucky winner, you may receive a PDF document that includes your winning details. Depending on the lottery amount, you may also be required to pay a processing fee to claim your cash prize. This fee varies from state to state.

If you are still determining the proper way to enter the KBC lottery, you can contact the company’s head office by phone or SMS. In addition to the official lottery helpline, KBC has a lottery information center that Whatsapp can access. This center can be found at 0019188444477.


KBC Lucky Draw Lottery

While the KBC lottery is a top-rated program in India, and there are a few scams for which you should be looking. Often, these scams are directed at customers by phone or social media. These scams will contact you in various ways and ask for money transfers or personal information. Call the KBC main office if you receive a call from an unidentified number. They will respond to your complaint on time.

Taking the KBC lottery as an example, the first thing to know is that it is a much-anticipated event every month. You need a valid SIM card from an Indian mobile carrier to participate in the lottery. The best part is that you can check your lottery ticket online. You will also be provided with instructions on how to claim your prize.

One of the most popular prizes in the KBC lottery is the 35 lakh lottery amount. The prize has been won by many Bollywood stars over the years, including Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Aamir Khan. This lottery has been run for the past six years and has proven to be an exciting and successful contest. You can participate in this lottery by registering at the KBC website.

There are several other lottery prizes to be won. However, the KBC lottery is the most recognizable and the most common. The first prize is a hefty 50 lakh rupees. The second and third prizes are 25 lakh rupees each. There are also consolation prizes of 100,000 rupees for each of the first hundred participants. The KBC lottery is an excellent way to improve your life by winning big.

केबीसी के आधिकारिक व्हाट्सएप नंबर पर कॉल करने के लिए कृपया व्हाट्सएप इमेज पर क्लिक करें धन्यवाद.


What is the KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2022

KBC sim card lucky draw The 2022 draw is unique in that it allows participants to become Crorepati without having to do anything more complicated than answer a few questions and receive the cash.

People can win cash in the KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw by providing accurate responses to simple questions. KBC draw 2022 was initially shown on Prime TV Channel in 2000. In addition, the KBC Draw 2022 program has recently emerged as one of India’s most talked-about, well-known, and watched television shows.

The KBC, All India Sim Card competition, is a random draw that benefits the less privileged in India. This lucky draw is held twice a month on the first and the fifteenth.

In addition to the lottery, the company also has a contest that awards users who are good at answering multiple-choice questions with cash prizes.

The KBC lottery website also has a lottery check portal that lets users find out if they have won. The website also has helpful guides to help users check their lottery numbers.

How to Join KBC Lucky Draw 2022?

Using your KBC SIM to participate in the KBC lucky draw 2022 is an exciting and fun way to win cash. If you are one of the lucky winners, you can expect to receive a big prize. But before you head to the nearest KBC store to buy a ticket, you should know a few things first.

First, the KBC lottery is a pretty straightforward process. You can simply enter your mobile number into a web page and wait for a notification to appear on the screen. You can then check your number in the official KBC database to see if you are a lucky winner.

The lottery has a couple of pitfalls, however. For example, you may be tricked into sharing your winning information, or a crook may hack you. However, if you follow the correct steps, you can ensure that your prize will reach you safely.

The KBC Lucky Draw 2022 is open to all Indian citizens. You will need a mobile number, a photograph, and your name to participate. You will also need to register for the draw. The official KBC website also provides a lot of helpful information. This website is a great way to find out if you are a winner, your prize, and what you need to do to claim it.

KBC Lucky Draw Helpline Contact Numbers List

  • KBC Head Office Number Mumbai +19188444477
  • KBC Head Office Number Kolkata +19188444476
  • KBC Head Office Number Delhi +19188444475
  • KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number +19188444476
  • KBC WhatsApp Number +19188444477

केबीसी के आधिकारिक व्हाट्सएप नंबर पर कॉल करने के लिए कृपया व्हाट्सएप इमेज पर क्लिक करें धन्यवाद.

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