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    Josephine Jobert Acknowledges Having Difficulties With, The Death In Paradise Replacement Issue

    DEATH IN PARADISE star Josephine Jobert, admitted she found joining the BBC show quite “stressful” as she was replacing a former colleague half-way through the series

    Josephine Jobert, 36, joined Death In Paradise during the fourth series back in 2015, making her debut as Detective Sergeant Florence Cassell. But she admitted it was quite a “stressful” experience as she was replacing another beloved member of the cast Sara Martin, who played Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey.

    Chatting to Female First, she explained it was a bit of a “challenge” to join half-way through a series.

    “I came in when the show had already started to shoot for the series,” she recalled.

    “I was the new kid on the block so I had to get to know the crew bit by bit.

    “It was a challenge as they’d been working together for the past three years. It was also quite stressful as I was there to replace Sara who was leaving.

    “I wanted to do my best for the production that was trusting me with the role, the crew and the many people following the show.

    “I was very lucky that they all were so wonderful and made me feel at home.”

    Now, she has bid a final farewell to the BBC murder mystery for the final time, after returning for the 10th series last year.

    The French actress had previously quit for “personal and professional reasons” after episode six of the eighth series in 2019, but returned to reprise her role.

    DS Cassell was last seen in episode four of season 11, which turned out to be a pivotal episode for the character.

    It saw her take on a dangerous uncover mission to gain the trust of major suspected criminal Miranda Priestley, but pretending to be an au-pair.

    Miranda is suspected of running a massive criminal operation in the Caribbean.

    But this time it seems her decision is final, as she shared some of her final scenes on social media, revealing she was “holding back tears” the entire time.

    Most of her pictures that she shared to Instagram saw her embracing her co-stars, as they surprised her with a cake that read: “Merci pour tout, Josy,” which translates as: “Thanks for everything, Josy.”

    She posted a long caption alongside the snaps; a touching tribute to her the on the show.

    Josephine penned: “The first photo still makes me emotional. It was my very last day on DIP, we were doing a photoshoot, knowing it would be the last time we’d spent together.

    “I had to retain my tears because I had another very small scene to film before my final wrap.

    “But I shared this moment with @tahjmiles and it was very difficult for me not to cry. He’s so precious. So precious… I just love this photo.”

    She continued: “I wanted to share with you a few moments from that day. The second one is after Don did a very moving speech to say goodbye, in front of the whole crew. I wasn’t expecting this at all…

    “And again, just thinking about this also makes me want to cry.”

    Joséphine added: “I will miss a lot of people from DIP. People you never see on screen. Bless you all and thank you for everything (the cake says thank you for everything Josie).”

    She received an overwhelming response to the post, with many fans wishing her well for the future.

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