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    Jastip Tiket Coldplay Fraud in West Bandung, Perpetrator Steals Victim’s Personal Data

    PEOPLE’S MIND – Purchasing Coldplay concert tickets leaves a number of problems, one of which is personal data theft. Residents of Bojong Village, Rongga District, West Bandung Regency , became one of the victims.

    It is known that she is Aliya Fisahwa (19), a resident of Cisarua Village, RT 1/22 Bojong Village, Rongga District, West Bandung Regency (KBB) who became a victim of personal data theft.

    Aliya admitted that her identity was exploited by the Coldplay concert ticket fraud syndicate . Aliya’s identity was misused to create social media accounts and WhatsApp boxes offering Coldplay ticket fees .

    Aliya’s name was used to create social media accounts, bank accounts, and accommodate advance payments for Coldplay ticket entrustment services . However, once the buyer had sent the DP, Aliya’s social media and contacts disappeared.

    “Yes, my identity was stolen. I have reported it to the police,” said Aliya.

    Aliya is a housewife in Kampung Cisarua who doesn’t know anything about ticket sales. Gununghalu Police Chief AKP Wasiman confirmed that Aliya was involved in the theft of personal data.

    This incident was revealed when the victim Aliya received news from a Coldplay ticket buyer on behalf of Resky Vebrianti Utami alias Eky, on Sunday, May 21 2023 at around 10.25 WIB.

    Eky is also a victim of ticket fraud. He ordered 4 Coldplay tickets for the festival category with a down payment of IDR 10 million which was transferred to a BRI account in the name of Aliya Fisahwa.

    “In fact, Aliya felt that she had never opened a BRI account or offered to order Coldplay tickets ,” said Wasiman.

    “So it is strongly suspected that Aliya’s identity was used by the perpetrators to commit ticket fraud,” said Wasiman.

    The police are still investigating the Coldplay ticket fraud syndicate’s mode of stealing victims’ personal data.

    “We are still investigating how this perpetrator could steal the victim’s data and account. We have advised the victim to block the account,” he said. ***

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