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    Jars of Clay drops opening act from tour


    The Christian rock band Jars of Clay dropped the mainstream alternative rock band The Samples from its fall tour schedule because of problems with the opening act’s behavior on stage.

    “When we entered into a touring agreement with The Samples, we spent extensive time getting to know the band and their musical integrity,” explained Rendy Lovelady of Jars of Clay at their Nashville headquarters. “In all of the early discussions and interviews, everyone involved believed that this was going to be a positive partnership for all parties. Jars of Clay was excited to have a chance to perform before the new group of listeners that The Samples would attract to a show.”

    That excitement faded, however, during the dozen or so shows Jars of Clay performed with The Samples. “We communicated very explicitly to their organization and to the members of the band exactly who we were, what Jars of Clay stands for and what activities would not be tolerated at our concerts,” said Lovelady. “Contractually, The Samples were informed that there would be no profanity from the stage and no alcohol or drugs allowed backstage or during a performance.” But despite the contract, members of The Samples began using what Lovelady described as “vile” language from stage, and were unwilling to honor their agreement. The Samples have been replaced on the tour by Matchbox 20.

    “Jars of Clay continues to seek God’s guidance and direction in all aspects of their ministry,” concluded Lovelady. “They are striving to uphold biblical principles in all that they do and will not compromise their faith.”

    — E.P. News

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