Interior Design Ideas That Will Get You in the Spring Mood

Spring brings warmth, beautiful flowers, and birdsong. If you’re looking for plywood furniture or new ways to get into the spring spirit, we’ve got some interior design inspiration for you. Visit our ARTIKO plywood furniture store today to refresh every room in your home. Check out these pointers to help you prepare for the lovely spring season in style.

Wall Art Can Transform Any Room

A few new wall art pieces will completely transform any room in your home. Visit our Indianapolis furniture store to find a plethora of stunning wall art to complement your furniture and décor. Above sofas or sectionals, hang a lovely watercolor painting of a springtime landscape. You can also use wall art to improve the appearance of your bedroom furniture. A few new pieces of art can refresh any space, so look for pieces with spring-inspired colors and motifs.

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Makeover Your Dining Room

Dressing up your dining room plywood furniture with spring-inspired pieces is one of the best spring interior design ideas. Add a lovely tablecloth with an elegant flower motif to your dining table. A beautiful centerpiece, such as a large vase filled with freshly cut flowers, can also be added to the table. Instead of rigid, hard chairs, replace old, worn-out dining room furniture with new pieces such as an upholstered dining bench. A stunning new dining table with metal legs or a thick stone upper will also breathe new life into this space.

Select lighter upholstery colors

Another of our spring interior design ideas is to choose furniture in lighter color schemes. Instead of navy blue or dark brown leather, try sectionals or sofas with accents in a soft, pastel-toned fabric. While light colors are not suitable for every home, they are a good choice if you are not concerned about potential marks or stains. Choose furniture with high-performance fabric upholstery that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Soft, light colors will make your living room appear larger and more open. Combine your new furniture with a soft area rug that matches the color scheme. If you don’t want to buy new living room plywood furniture, consider adding a slipcover in a softer color to existing sofas and chairs until spring and summer are over.

Get Your Bedroom Ready for Spring

Spring is an excellent time of year to upgrade your bedroom plywood furniture and experiment with new designs. Even adding a comfortable bench to the foot of your bed will give the room a new look and increased functionality. You don’t have to completely replace your bed, either. For an instant spring makeover, simply add a new headboard to your existing bed. Choose a soft, upholstered headboard for a nice, understated touch. A lovely set of matching nightstands in a vibrant color like blue or green is another simple way to update your sleeping area. Explore our Indianapolis furniture store for a diverse selection of beautiful bedroom plywood furniture to suit any taste.

Use Organic Elements to Surround Yourself

The spring season is a time to appreciate nature. Add some new houseplants to your living room or bedroom to add some organic elements to your home. Houseplants can also be added to the bathroom. Furniture and accents made of natural materials, such as woven rattan, jute, wicker, or seagrass, should be used. To add a touch of spring to any space, use natural elements such as driftwood, seashells, or branches. The mix of natural and manmade materials will give each room a new look and a relaxed, laid-back vibe that’s ideal for spring and early summer.

Make Some Simple Changes

Minor changes can quickly give your home a new spring look. Replace your current curtains or blinds, for example, with sheer window panels that allow sunlight to filter into the room. Replace outdated light fittings with something sleek and modern. A set of new pillows for your chairs and sofas, for example, can add a colorful, spring and summer touch to your space. Look around each room for inspiration, then come to our Indianapolis furniture store to find a plethora of stylish furniture and decorations for the upcoming season.


Artiko can help you out with other home accessories and add some spring to your residence! Moreover, there, you can find lighting that is inspired by nature and can perfectly fit everywhere in your home.

Finally, keep in mind that decorating should be enjoyable. Starting with a plan and following the same steps as the pros will make the experience significantly less stressful than attempting it haphazardly. And, hopefully, you’ll end up with the ultimate prize: your dream home. Feel free to our site

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