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    indoor window shelf ideas

    If you live in a city apartment and don’t have much space, try these practical window shelf rack ideas and grow them efficiently.

    These smart houseplant shelving ideas are a great way to grow them in a limited space. You can also grow herbs, flowers and some vegetables this way!

    1. Hang jars on long branches of logs

    To make the most of the space, hang pots from log branches in windows.

    2. Plant box

    This is a great way to grow multiple plants together on a windowsill using window shelf space.

    3. Ikea GREJIG shoe rack

    Use the IKEA shoe rack to hang plants from windows. You can grow these herbs in your kitchen.

    4. Single rail pipe rack

    This single rail tubular side shelf can accommodate multiple wooden flower pot storage shelves.

    5. Shelves for plants on the windowsill

    Looking for a way to place plants in large windows? These plant racks are a great way to do just that!

    6. Tiered plant shelves on the windowsill

    All you need are two wooden boards of different sizes that you can hang on the wall to represent potted plants in style.

    7. Hanging window shelves for flowers.

    Grow a variety of flowers of your choice in the garden on a wooden shelf!

    8. Cold inner shelves

    These small shelves are perfect for small windows and are easy to install.

    9. Hanging shelves for succulents

    This wooden shelf is perfect for growing succulents as it gets all the light you need from bright windows.

    10. DIY plant shelf

    All you need is a wooden board and string, which you can easily make at home.

    11. Glass or plastic shelves

    The transparent appearance of glass and plastic shelves helps reflect more light.

    12. Transparent shelves with curtains

    You can easily control the light falling on the pans on the shelves with the blinds.

    13. Floor plan shelf with bay window

    This bay window plant stand is ideal for growing various plants such as herbs and flowers together.

    14. Extended interior window shelves

    The extensions on the sides of this shelf make it easy to place large pots.

    15. Window grass garden

    Window shelves are great for growing a variety of herbs that are within reach of fresh produce!WINDOWSILL

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