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    Important Add-Ons That A Personal Hyperbaric Chamber Must Have

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy carried out in a personal hyperbaric chamber has shown to be effective in treating patients with chronic illnesses like autism, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, air embolism, cerebral palsy, ulcers, diabetes, and a variety of other physically debilitating conditions that can be brought on by insufficient oxygen supply to various body parts. A patient with any of these diseases may receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy under the close supervision of a doctor and knowledgeable test administrators.

    During this therapy, the patient is made to sit or lie down in an acrylic chamber while pure oxygen is given to gradually increase the pressure inside the chamber. Multiplace hyperbaric chambers are designed to house numerous patients for therapy at once, in contrast to monoplace or personal hyperbaric chambers, which can be used at home and don’t require specialised handling. Personal hyperbaric chambers are safe and have enough fire safety measures included in their design. Before spending money on one, it is preferable to make sure it has particular attachments that improve the patient’s comfort. The list below includes a few of these items.


    The effective ventilation of a hyperbaric chamber depends on an air conditioner. By reducing the atmospheric water content, the humidity inside the chamber is controlled in addition to the temperature reading of the air entering the chamber being reduced by almost 40 degrees. The motor also operates quietly so the patient won’t be bothered.


    An oxygen cleaner with a rust inhibitor can be used when hyperbaric oxygen treatment products are stored under high pressure. The cleaner is primarily intended for industrial use and is non-toxic. Additionally, it is biodegradable.


    For use during dives, this particular cooler has been customised. It helps to reduce the entering air’s temperature by close to 30 degrees. Additionally, it lowers the water content of the chamber to keep patients from feeling uncomfortable as a result of rising humidity. The fact that it doesn’t require electricity or any other kind of external energy source to function properly is the finest part. To work, these filters just need to have ice and water refilled on a regular and timely basis.


    This unique, contemporary gadget combines a cooler and a silencer. It is a small, lightweight apparatus that is placed in between the chamber and the compressor. It helps to reduce the loudness and high temperatures of the incoming air stream. It is an easy-to-use instrument that greatly increases patient comfort.


    MRSA and HIV-1 germs can be eliminated with the use of a disinfectant called Microban, which is extremely concentrated. Because it combines the qualities of a fungicide, mildewstat, bactericide, and virucide into one concentrated composition, it is very effective at maintaining the cleanliness and hygienic conditions in a hyperbaric chamber.

    Ear plugs

    Due to the fluctuating pressure levels encountered throughout the compression and decompression operations in a hyperbaric chamber, some patients may feel considerable discomfort. They have been designed specifically for this attachment. The internal pressure regulator of these earplugs can modify ear sensations in response to changing pressure flows. These are typically worn for the entire session and even for 15 minutes after it ends. The effects of pressure fluctuations on the middle ear are considerably reduced and controlled by them. These plugs are disposable or can be used for four consecutive sessions before being discarded.


    These devices are also used to restore a normal level of pressure in the middle ear by using air. They are used to ensure that the ear can acclimatise to the chamber’s compression and decompression adequately before the session. In some cases, after a session, equalisers are put in the patient’s ears to assist them reestablish their natural balance and relieve their discomfort. These are frequently suggested by doctors and are available in both multiplace and monoplace chambers.

    Gain Bar

    It is simple to assemble and use this personalised bar. Its objective is to facilitate patient entry and egress from chambers. The majority of grab bars are made of metal and have a fine powder coating.


    These are required to lubricate and maintain the zippers on personal hyperbaric chambers so that they operate smoothly. For this, ZipTech lubricants, for instance, are helpful. It is essential that the zippers function without trouble in order to decrease the probability of errors and mishaps.

    Oxygen concentrating devices

    There is 21% oxygen in the air around us. When compressed at a pressure of 1.3 to 1.5 ATA in a portable hyperbaric chamber, the proportion increases to 27%. Patients can use a concentrator and a mask to breathe in 95% oxygen. The use of concentrators for all types of personal hyperbaric chambers is not approved by the FDA, nevertheless. Therefore, to avoid any potential legal issues that may develop after purchasing an unauthorised model, it is best to inspect models that feature this exact attachment and confirm the company’s approval.

    Platforms Platforms make entering and leaving the chamber easier. Additionally, the compressor may fit underneath them because there is adequate room. These are frequently crafted from powder-coated aluminium. The platforms typically have rails and steps to make getting around simpler.

    Monitor your heart rate

    An FDA-approved instrument is used to measure the blood oxygen level both before and after a particular hyperbaric oxygen chamber session. It comes with a carrying case, two triple A battery packs, a neck strap, and various extras. It is a fingertip pulse oximeter.

    As a result, it is essential to take into account these additional accessories when choosing a customised hyperbaric chamber because they greatly increase patient comfort and safety.



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