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    If you could dispel one myth about Christian schools, what would it be?

    Administrator, Lighthouse Christian School

    Today, “The American Dream” has been obliterated by the graffiti of “The American Decadence,” turning many families to the Christian school for a safe haven from the horrors of the public hallways.

    Let’s dispel the myth that any agency, public or private, in and of itself could guarantee an idealistic ivory tower existence in the clouds, safe from the ravishing hounds in our daily headlines, and replace it with a more realistic image of an old-fashioned teeter totter out on the playground of life. The home supports one end, while the Christian school holds up the opposite side, serving as an extension of the home that reaches across the pivotal fulcrum. In partnership, and by the grace of God, together they seek to hold the child in balance over the tenable ups and downs of life.

    — E.P. News

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