Identified body in Cibuntu Bandung, 42 year old woman

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PEOPLE’S MIND – The Bandung Polrestabes has succeeded in identifying the dead victims who were wrapped in plastic. Precisely in the Cibuntu Village area , Bandung Kulon District which was found on Wednesday, June 7 2023.

The body is known to be female. This was confirmed by the Bandung Police Chief , Senior Commissioner Budi Sartono during an interview at the Bandung Police Headquarters on Thursday 8 June 2023.

When asked about the issue that the victim was mutilated, according to Budi, the condition of the victim was intact. “So there is no mutilation ,” he said.

Budi also confirmed that the discovery of the body was also a murder case . Budi also admitted that he had examined a number of people who were used as witnesses in the case.

“After checking the inauguration team and processing the TKP, indeed the body with the initials EP was identified, suspected of being a 338 victim or murder , we are conducting an examination of witnesses. There are 7 of them,” he said.

Budi even claims to have identified the perpetrators and is currently pursuing them.

“Members are still on the ground asking for their prayers as we continue to pursue the suspected perpetrators,” he said.

On the other hand, Budi also stated that the body of the woman with the initials EP (42) was thought to have died a few days ago. “It is suspected that he died a day or two ago,” he said.

Based on information gathered from the police, it is known that in the victim’s rented room there was a commotion. The victim was heard screaming. The commotion itself occurred on Monday, June 5, 2023.

After that, there were no more victims to be seen. The victim’s body was found in a condition wrapped in plastic as much as 6 copies. ***

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