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    How To Optimize Your Website For Token-Based Authentication? 

    It’s the Twenty-First century. The promise of seamless and convenient access to essential services has seen everyone embrace technology. The only problem is that this guarantee of convenience comes at the expense of your cybersecurity. Worse, the username-password authentication system known to almost everyone as the most popular security tool is no longer safe. Most likely because your password is weak or you have to share your personal information with every service you use. Fortunately for you, all these security concerns should not be a problem, thanks to the emergency of token-based authentication.  

    What Does Token-Based Authentication Mean?  

    Well, you are quite familiar with the username-password authentication system. How much does it bother you when a web page requests your login credentials every few minutes you are off the page? Pretty much. An authentication token is the identity protocol that gets this problem off your nerves. When using this authentication system, a server validates your identity by generating a token, also kept in the database, as a source of future access to secured resources instead of a username and a password.  


    Website Optimization for Token-Based Authentication 

    Now worried over the security details of using a username and a password, most of us will no doubt appreciate the shift to token-based authentication. However, such a shift demands an active role and opportunities from the responsible website. Below are different ways in which websites could promote token-based authentication.  


    1. Custom Integration 

    Of the numerous kinds of personal information likely to find their way into the online space, some of those that face the greatest security risk include social security numbers and financial and healthcare information.  

    Today, responsible organizations seek to curb security incidents involving such information by using custom authentication systems. Precisely, be thankful for your bank’s efforts to employ security systems such as id verification API because, unlike usernames and passwords, this tool marks an additional security layer that makes it difficult for malicious attempts on your online safety. The optimization method takes advantage of token authentication systems such as JSON Web to generate authentication tokens passed to clients as future identity standards. You, however, stay entitled to fresh sets of tokens every time you need one.  


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    2. The Use of an Application or Plugin Integration  

    Rather than depending on custom integration, some websites facilitate token authentication by using external integration media. Plugins or external applications, such as defender security, swoop, and security ninja, are good examples of such external media. The optimization method demands that you navigate external uniform resource identifiers with an access token as a parameter to get to the native website. Oh, and it eliminates the need to create usernames and passwords.   


    3. A Token-Process Initiation Login Link 

    As a relatively new security system, not every client is aware of token-based authentication. Website or application owners could expand clients’ knowledge of this security tool by initiating the token process provided as a login URL link. The only challenge with this optimization method is that the website owner is forced to share the link using intermediate servers. Though secure, an intermediate server would pose security concerns if an attacker can read through and understand every component of the URL. You could avoid such security cases by sticking with HTTPS URLs.   


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    4. Users Redirection Endpoint Link 

    If not a login link,  then an authorization endpoint link could be equally useful in initiating the token process. Only for this case, the website manager provides an endpoint URL rather than a login URL from which an open authorization client can access a token and, possibly, a refresh token. Also at the disposal of the website owner with this optimization method is the clients’ manager endpoint with which to execute security modifications on the available list of clients. But, oh, as the client, your attention should merely be on the availability of the endpoint link.  


    5. Use of a Trigger for the Token-Authentication initiation Process 

    Now that we all agree that using a username and a password is not such as secure, it is better to play it safe in that even after using the tool; we could take a notch higher by pursuing other security measures. A password gives you access to a website. Nevertheless, almost every website’s user settings now come with an authorization token page, usually under the profile menu at the top right corner. All you need to do to not just authenticate your identity but also stay resistant to security attempts on your account is to click on the generate token option. Furthermore, the token process guarantees you two authentication tokens at a time if you are worried about losing or forgetting the first token.   


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    What’s Better for Your Online Security! 

    It is time for you to move past merely the most popular to a security tool that guarantees your online safety. Such a goal should not be such a problem now that, with the above optimization methods, you have expanded access to a token-based authentication tool. 

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