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    How to Download WhatsApp Plus APK Original – Latest Version 20.52.0

    WhatsApp Plus is a modified (unofficial) version of the well-known instant messaging app WhatsApp, which incorporates improvements and extra features. Do you want to download the latest version totally free? Keep reading… Because in June, the latest version 20.52.0 has just landed, which fixes various bugs and extends the functionality of the app.

    As we have already said, this application is an unofficial modification, that is, none of the original WhatsApp developers are involved. This makes many consider this .apk as illegal, but nothing is further from the truth.

    Download the .APK

    To download the original whatsapp plus file in its latest version, you just have to click on the red button that we leave you below. Once it’s downloaded to your Android phone, you’ll need to install it (by turning on the unknown sources option).

    WhatsApp Plus, also called WhatsApp+ or even Wasap plus , has become very popular over the years due to its characteristic blue color, although we have also been able to see it in other modifications from other developers in red and gold.

    Despite having the blue icon, WhatsApp Plus retains the original WhatsApp interface (with some changes and extra functions in the menus), so in that aspect, you will hardly notice any difference. ( Check out all of its features here .)

    How to install

    Please note that this application is a modification of WhatsApp Original and therefore cannot be installed from the Google Play Store as it is not official. For this reason, whenever you are going to install an external .apk from the Google app store, you must activate unknown sources from the settings of your smartphone or tablet.

    Go to “ Settings > Security > Unknown sources > OK ”. After this, open the .apk file that you downloaded above.

    How to update

    Normally, official applications are updated automatically or by entering the Google application store and clicking on the “ Update ” button. However, since it is a modification, you will have to re- download the app as explained above. Download it again (in case you see that there is a higher version than the one already installed) and install it on your device .

    How to uninstall

    As with any other application on your Android phone, in order to uninstall WhatsApp Plus you just have to go to “ Settings> Applications> Whatsapp plus> Uninstall ”.

    Features of WhatsAppPlus

    As we have already said, this apk is receiving more and more users and it is because the customization options that whatsapp+ has leave -literally- the original application on the ground. In addition to its bluish tone and allowing us to modify the privacy settings from the first moment , WhatsApp Plus has the following characteristics.

    Block conversations

    This is one of the functions that you will use the most without a doubt. If you don’t want to block the contact directly, but want their conversations, you can enable this feature. Thanks to this, even if the user sends you a message, you will not receive it nor will it appear as if you have received it. On the other hand, he will be able to call you .

    Disable features (Increase your privacy)

    This function will allow us to remove the second check when you read a message . In addition, you can also prohibit some contacts (those you choose previously), from seeing your profile picture.

    Another of the most notable features of WhatsApp plus is that you can remove the “online” status, so you can chat and browse through conversations with whoever you want without the rest of your contacts knowing that you are online. This, for example, you cannot do if you use the official WhatsApp app.

    Interface Customization

    This function is undoubtedly the most desired by users. You can create your own themes , change colors, share them with other users of the app, etc. Similarly, you can change the location of contacts, chats, menu location, internal and group chats, etc. Unleash your imagination!

    whatsapp plus interface
    Whatsapp plus interface

    Pack with more Emoticons (Emojis+)

    In addition to having all the emoji pack that comes in the original version of WhatsApp, this modified .apk has more additional emojis than the truth, they never hurt. Of course, keep in mind that if we send any of these extra emojis to a person who does not have WhatsApp Plus, they will not see them correctly. Instead, you’ll see a black X.

    Lossless video compression

    We can manually choose that the videos are compressed. Thanks to this, the size of our video files increases up to 50Gb . Best of all, they will not lose quality, something that happens with the official version.

    Lossless Image Quality

    As happens with sending videos, the photos that we send through WA+ will not lose quality, since they retain their original size and, therefore, all their quality. WhatsApp plus does not compress the images before sending them as long as we indicate it from the settings.

    Cancel and delete chats

    This function is already included in the original version of WhatsApp, but initially the WA modification came with it. With this function we can cancel or eliminate a message that we have sent and of which we are not proud or simply that we have received the wrong recipient.

    Main differences between WhatsApp Original vs WhatsApp Plus

    Although they may appear to be the same application, nothing is further from the truth. Below we detail all the differences that exist -as of today- between Wassap Plus and the original WhatsApp, the one developed by the Meta team.

    • Differences at the code level: To date, the original WhatsApp code is not open, so WA+ developers have not been able to make changes from it, but from the previous code. From there, they have been improving and adding new features.
    • How to get hold of the app: You will never find whatsapp plus in an official application store such as the Google Play Store, App Store or the Huawei Store… You will have to go to pages like ours or other alternative marketplaces that you find on the Internet.
    • Personalization: As we already know, the original color of WhatsApp is green. However, in the plus version of it, we find the characteristic blue color. Additionally, in whatsapp plus we find more customization options, from the menus, through the interface, background, tones, etc.
    • Functionalities and features: As we mentioned, the features of WhatsApp Plus are far superior to the original version, which is more limited.
    • Is WhatsApp Plus Legal?: No, it is not. In fact, the developers of said application are every two to three in lawsuits with WhatsApp Inc. Obviously, Wha Oficial is legal, since it is represented by Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company. But you, as a user, have nothing to worry about. Just make sure you have the app updated to the latest version. 


      • Greater privacy: It is enough to know that we can eliminate the “online” status or the double check when receiving a message. With this alone, WhatsApp Plus already offers us greater privacy.
      • Greater number of functions: As we read in the WhatsApp Plus features section, we have endless options that are not available in Wha Original.
      • Use of two accounts at the same time: Thanks to WA+ you can use two accounts at the same time. The one you have in WhatsApp Original plus wassap plus.


      • Your data may fall into the hands of third parties: Because we are unknown developers and do not have a large corporation behind it, it is likely that your files, messages, audios and contacts will be sold or fall into the hands of third parties. Watch out for this.
      • WhatsApp can ban you: It is a fact that WhatsApp has banned hundreds of users upon detecting that they were making use of this modification of its app. And it is that, for WhatsApp, it considers that this version is illegal. We do not recommend that you use both versions at the same time.
      • Updates: Unlike the official version, where there is a great support and development team, in WA+ we see that updates are made every 3-4 weeks, so they are released sporadically.
      • It is not 100% secure: As we have already mentioned, we do not have the security measures offered by Official WhatsApp, such as the end-to-end encryption of our messages, 100% security and privacy are not guaranteed, since the conversations can be stolen by the developers of the .apk, etc.

      Is there also the WhatsApp Plus Red?

      Another advantage of this MOD is the fact that you can customize the application icon that appears in your start menu. Therefore, you will no longer have to settle for the traditional green icon , but you can change it to the colors you prefer. To do this, you just have to:

      1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner
      2. Access Plus Settings
      3. Click on ‘ Styles (Appearance)’
      4. Select ‘Icons’

      If you want to change the internal color of the app to red, that is also possible. You only have to click on the three points of the upper menu, then on Settings Plus and then on Universal Color and place the tone of WhatsApp Plus that you prefer.

      Can I use WhatsApp Plus on Android and iOS?

      Wasap Plus is not an official application and therefore cannot be found in the App Store on iOS. It is also not available for download in the Play Store on Android. Therefore, it is only possible to install it through APK files on Android devices.

      Images and photos with WhatsApp Plus Blue 2022

      Images and photographs are one of the topics that most users are interested in. With WhatsApp Plus APK the quality of the images is not reduced . This is because the messages are not compressed, but retain their size and weight. So you can enjoy all your photos and images with maximum quality. On the other hand, it is possible to compress the videos, you just have to select this option manually. By doing so, you can share files up to 50 GB . In this way, even large files can be uploaded in a light size without sacrificing quality and visibility.

      Differences with WhatsApp Plus Aero

      WhatsApp Aero is also another of the altered versions that give the application a series of functions and a much better design than the original. This version is one that uses the source code of WhatsApp in order to modify many of its features. However, it has great similarities and differences compared to the rest of the other versions; for instance:

      • In order to change the interface, many varied options are available.
      • You can know who visited our profile.
      • You can customize the type of font you write with.
      • You have more flexibility when sending file types, even with formats that the normal application does not support.
      • This version can work as a secondary app and there is no need to worry about WhatsApp authorities.

      Previous stable versions of WhatsApp Plus

      WhatsApp Plus V19.60.3: Changelog

      Through the following download link you can find this latest version and the previous ones .

      • Bug fixes on Xiaomi and Samsung devices
      • More emojis added
      • More customization options

      WhatsApp Plus V19.60.0: Changelog

      • Improved the system to eliminate the status “Online”
      • New Emoji pack added
      • Correction of errors when compressing videos
      • Increased privacy by changing certain security aspects

      List of changes in previous versions

      V19.30.3: Changelog
      V19.30.0: Changelog
      V19.0.0: Changelog
      V18.90.0: Changelog
      V16.30: Changelog
      V14 and V13: Changelog
      V12 2021: Changelog
      V11: Changelog
      V10 2020: Changelog
      V8.75 2020: Changelog

      In any case, thanks to this guide that we have published, you can already have the latest modifications, improvements and corrections of the WhatsApp plus app . Stay connected with the best features that only this app can offer you. If you have any questions in the process, do not hesitate to leave your comment 🙂

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