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    How to Download Peliflix APK Original – Latest Version

    Now there are several ways to watch your favorite shows. A platform that has grown very recently is Peliflix. It is an App with a fairly wide catalog of movies, documentaries and cartoons.

    How is Pelisflix different from other platforms? Well, the Peliflix system is simple, and at the same time very unambiguous since anyone can use the program without complications.

    It’s good to know that the Peliflix APK doesn’t contain viruses, so any user can download it with complete confidence, without fear of damaging their device.

    Download Pelisflix for Android Free

    How can I download Peliflix? Peliflix is ​​a free app, which means that apps that provide users with free entertainment movies are not usually available on the Play Store. If you want to download the application, you will have to do it through other means, for example through secure websites such as MediaFire, Aptoide or Mega.

    When a new improved version is released, all users who are active in the system are automatically notified, and it is best to update the APK, otherwise the old version will be unusable.

    The good news is that PeliFlix can be used on both TV boxes (for example, TV BOX) and Smart TVs, since it works with the Android operating system. Installation is the same as any other APK app, but don’t forget to enable unknown origin.

    Once the application is installed, you can watch free entertainment for 24 hours, as long as you have an internet connection (wifi, 3G, 4G lte). For fast playback, an Internet speed of at least 10 MB is required.

    Main features of Peliflix

    You can download this app and watch dozens of movies with ease thanks to the following features

    • The home page shows the latest movies with trends, suggestions and additions.
    • A search engine makes it easy to find the movie you want to watch.
    • Each content has an information page with a summary, links, duration, tips on related topics and, in the case of series, the number of chapters.
    • You can see all the news, including those that have just been released.
    • It does not store any files on the server and only works through external links.
    • Depending on the content, there are links to streaming services with different quality and languages ​​(Spanish, Latin, subtitles). You can also download some of the content and view it offline.
      Turn on video on your TV so you can watch the movie on the big screen.

    A very comfortable and fluid interface.
    The most striking thing about this application is its design. It is modern, avant-garde, clear, comfortable, smooth and very intuitive.

    Content design
    Everything is divided into categories according to different criteria. When you open the app, you see specific content on the home page, grouped by class.

    You can choose what you like best.
    Each content is marked with a heart-shaped icon that shows your favorite content. In this way, all your favorites are gathered in one area and you can easily find them.

    Everything is accompanied by an overview and other interesting information. A new feature is the number of likes and the total number of views and ratings from 1 to 10 are also displayed.

    Live television broadcast.
    The m3u format is a file format for storing multimedia playlists.

    Integrated player. If your player has basic functions to play media content, you can just press the play button and enjoy the content.

    Select your favorite font.
    This application works with external links, which means that it does not store the content on the server, but redirects the user to another website. This means that in many cases you can choose a streaming service based on the quality of the image and the language you prefer (Spanish, Latin or with Spanish subtitles).

    How to install Pelisflix

    To install this and more applications that are not available on Google Play, follow this procedure.

    You should always enable unknown sources on your Android phone. If you don’t do that, your device will suspect the file is infected and you won’t be able to download it . Note that this method should also work on Android TV boxes and Fire TVs.

    Then you proceed to install the APK.

    Advantages of using Peliflix

    • It is a free streaming service, you do not need to subscribe like many users do on Netflix.
    • It also has an attractively designed user interface.
    • It contains content for all tastes and the whole family.
    • The catalog is organized by categories, that way the content will be organized and it will be easier to find what you are looking for.
    • In addition to movies, series and cartoons, you can also watch live television.

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