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    How to Download Null’s Royale APK Original – Latest Version

    Null’s Royale is another different version of the game “Clash Royale”, this version adds new things to the game and the good thing is that it works with individual servers, that is gives great peace of mind since they are not controlled by Supercell, which would be the company that developed Clash of Clans (of which there is a modified version called Master Royale Infinity ) and Clash Royale.


    April 07, 2022

    Current version




    Android version required

    4.1 or higher

    File size





    Null’s Royale

    In other words, it’s Nulls Royale. What does this mean? That when you are going to play Null’s Royale, you will be playing a version of the game that is modified but at the same time it is broader than the original Clash Royale game. So you will have more options, new and different characters, different cards that are not in the original game , and many more advantages. Everything runs on parallel servers, so you don’t have to worry about issues like bans that are common in traditional Clash Royale multiplayer games.

    Download Null’s Royale for Android free

    Downloading this application is really simple. Continue reading below to find out how to get hold of the APK.



    The Null’s Royale APK is a modified version of Supercell’s popular Clash Royale game , which allows you to add elements of the traditional game as well as new heroes, maps and emoji, fixing some of the problems of the original version and, most importantly, also allowing a series of improvements, such as the use of independent servers for the game without the limitations of the official Clash Royale servers.


    Many players who choose this version of Clash Royale do so because the original version of the game was too small. The new version allows a number of cards to be used in the game, including new heroes with different attack and defense abilities and effects. This makes the game more fun and ensures that the excitement and magic of the original Clash Royale is never lost.

    Main features of Null’s Royale Original

    An improved version of Clash Royale : Null’s Royale would be the improved version of “Clash Royale”. Therefore, almost all of its features are classic tower defense, maps, and real-time strategy. The best thing is that it contains improvements that you won’t find in traditional games, so you can have even more fun!

    New heroes, maps and emotions : The game includes new elements and emotes that were not present in the classic version of Clash Royale. For example, you can fight enemies with new heroes, which makes the game more exciting and allows you to choose different strategies. There are also new cards with different characteristics and other surprises.

    Standalone Servers : As Supercell does not allow modded versions on their servers, standalone servers are required to play the game, which means you can play without going through Supercell’s strict controls. Therefore, Null’s Royale has its own network of servers where you can play freely.

    Parallel use : Null’s Royale runs on a certain network of servers that are not the same as the original Clash Royale, that means that you are going to play with your friends, you must download this same app. Therefore, it is not possible to play Null’s Royale on a Clash Royale server and vice versa.

    • Players start with 10 million available gems, which means the game’s resources are unlimited.
    • All chests, purses and coins can be taken from the gift shop without you having to spend anything.
    • Although it is a mod, the developers have created a fun event with new cards every week.
    • Over 100 custom and unbalanced cards are included.
    • The clan system works well thanks to dedicated servers.
    • Trophy Race mode is only available on normal, non-custom maps.
    • Although it has been around for a long time, many players from all over the world still enjoy the strategic battles with cards and boxes in this variant of Clash of Clans. If you like CR too, why don’t you download this special private version of the APK and play with the special items?

    How to install Null’s Royale

    This is a small installation guide, follow the instructions to the letter.

    • The first thing you need to do is download Null’s Royale from here .
    • Open the apk file in your file manager.
    • Then you need to enable installation from unknown sources .
    • Click Install.

    Commands to use in the game

    You can use the game commands. Enter them in the clan chat. The following commands are currently available

    • /help – shows all available commands.
    • /clear – reset your account.
    • /full – maxes out the level of all unlocked cards.
    • /unlock – Unlocks all unlocked cards.
    • /skin – change the skin of the tower.
    • /status – Shows the status of the server.

    Frequent questions

    We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

    • Is it safe to download and install it?
      • Yes, it is safe because we always download verified files.
    • Is it free to use?
      • Yes, it can be downloaded and installed for free on your smartphone.
    • Does it work on Android or iOS?
      • Yes, it works perfectly on Android and iOS.


    Null’s Royale is the perfect private server for those who want to enjoy the game with unlimited resources and the latest maps. It’s free for everyone and if you find any bugs, you can report them to the official Null’s Royale team . According to our reviews we recommend you to use it, you can get new skins, tower skins, maps, latest features and many other features.

    Admin Mail : [email protected]