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    How to decorate a belt in an original way. 73 photo ideas

    Finding a good recipe and successfully baking paska is only half the battle. It still needs to be decorated! And it is desirable to do it in an original, tasteful, special way. After all, paska is the main attribute of Easter and the main dish on the festive table. And so that you spend less time searching for creative Easter ideas during the pre-holiday rush, we have prepared for you a selection of photos with interestingly decorated Easter eggs.  

    A great idea is to decorate Easter with shapes made of dough : crosses, flowers, leaves, stripes, with or without notches, birds, etc. You can use the same dough from which the paska was formed (you need to make it a little stiffer by adding flour, and choose raisins) or from unleavened dough (from flour and water). Decorations made from yeast dough will rise and turn brown during baking, while decorations from unleavened dough will remain light.

    One of the simplest, but quite effective ways to decorate a paska is to sprinkle it with dried fruits . Such a decor will especially suit a paska a la Italian panettone.

    Try to grease the cake not with ordinary white fondant, but with chocolate . Or make a chocolate decoration by melting a piece of chocolate in a file, cutting a corner and making a chocolate drawing-decor on parchment.

    An unusual look is a browned pashka sprinkled with powdered sugar . To get the maximum effect from such a decor, you should use a stencil. If you do not have a special one, an ordinary crocheted napkin will do. or make a chocolate napkin for decoration. The method is described above.

    Even if you are not an artist, try painting your pasca. To do this, you need to separate part of the fondant and color it with food dyes, fruit or vegetable juice.

    Do you want some completely unusual decor? Decorate Easter with ready-made sweets : cookies, candies, marshmallows, marmalade, marshmallows, macaroons, etc., as modern cakes are decorated.

    A win-win option is mastic decor . Decorations can be made in advance, so there is time to experiment if suddenly everything does not work out the first time. Or you can buy ready-made figurines.

    Very cute beeswax decorated with edible flowers. They can also be prepared in advance or bought ready-made. As an option, flowers can be made from butter, protein custard or other cream, the decorations of which keep their shape well. A belt decorated in this way will look like a cake!

    A super option that will definitely impress your family and guests is a paska decorated with fresh flowers.

    Children will definitely like this scarf, because it is festively colored . It is enough to add a dye to the glaze.

    Didn’t stock up on sugar figures for decoration? No problem! Decorate the cake with chocolate candies in the shape of eggs. This is more relevant than ever.

    Cakes are usually decorated with nuts . But who said that you can’t decorate a belt with them? It is not only beautiful, but also tasty!

    Decorate the paska with pieces of fruit. If they are frozen or very juicy, put them on a plate just before serving.

    Candied fruits can be added not only to the dough. They have a spectacular appearance as a decoration. Therefore, leave a few pieces for decoration. Or separately prepare candied fruit especially for Passover. We have 4 great simple recipes for you .

    Even a belt with sprinkles can be original if you choose an unusual sprinkle, for example, mother-of-pearl or gold.

    The pashka, decorated with protein cream and baked with culinary gas vodka, has a chic look. Or just put the meringue on the strip and put it in the oven again until golden brown.

    By the way, we also have proven recipes for glaze that does not stick and does not crumble. You can read them here .


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