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    How to beautifully decorate a birthday cake for a girl? 50 interesting photo decoration ideas

    It is impossible to imagine a birthday without a cake, and a children’s birthday is ready! Baking a delicious cake is only half the battle. It should also be beautifully decorated, because it is the highlight of the festive table. And you can do it with your own hands! We have collected for you the best photo ideas of the original decoration of birthday cakes for girls. You will definitely find an idea here that you want to implement! And the birthday girl will definitely like it!

    Children’s birthday cakes are always distinguished by their decor. They are bright, with many elements, cartoon figures and images.

    You can buy ready-made cake decorations or make them yourself. In specialized stores for confectioners, you can order printing of edible pictures on sugar or wafer paper. Such pictures can be glued on gingerbread toppers or applied to the surface of the cake.

    You can also decorate the cake with purchased gel or chocolate balls, sugar, chocolate or mastic figures, sugar sprinkles or chocolate crumbs.

    Cakes for children can be easily and quickly decorated with sweets: cookies, chocolate or jelly candies, nuts, dried fruits. Ready-made cake pops, lollipops, macarons, meringue, miniature cupcakes, marshmallows can be used for decoration.

    There are interesting ideas for decorating cakes with cream for children. For this, you need to choose stable creams that will not fade over time and under the influence of room temperature. For example, you can prepare “Wet meringue” cream .

    Another option for decorating a cake is toppers made of meringue or colored meringues. The proven meringue recipe is here .

    One of the simplest options is to decorate with fruit. There are many beautiful ideas of original fruit decoration .

    How to choose a cake decor for a child’s birthday

    When choosing how to decorate a child’s birthday cake, be sure to consider his age and interests.

    • Children will like decorations in the form of fairy-tale heroes and animals.
    • Preschoolers will be delighted by the characters of their favorite cartoons.
    • A cake with a crown is a win-win option for decorating a cake for a little princess.
    • Cakes in the form of a Barbie doll in a luxurious ball gown have been at the peak of popularity for a long time.
    • Schoolgirls will like elements of cosmetics, high-heeled shoes, and miniature handbags in a sweet decor.
    • All children like the decor in the form of toppers (gingerbread, meringue or lollipops on skewers).
    • An interesting idea is a cake decorated with sweets, ice cream cones that do not melt, chocolate balls, sugar pearls.
    • You will not miss if you decorate a cake for a girl with flowers and butterflies.

    Photo ideas on how to decorate a child’s birthday cake

    We have also collected interesting ideas, such as a cake for the New Year, Christmas and other winter holidays.

    If you want to make cake decorations yourself, the following recipes will come in handy:

    • How to make the perfect meringue and cake toppers

    • Gingerbread cake topper recipe + icing recipe. This decor is at the peak of popularity!


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