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    Horizon East marks fifth year, changes name to Journey Community Church


    Five years ago this month, when Pastor Mike Burns launched Horizon Christian Fellowship – East County, he had no idea where God would take the fellowship.

    The church started as a Bible study and later moved to a large complex in Rancho San Diego. A year ago, it moved to the old Silo building in La Mesa, just off I-8, in a remodeled complex that seats 1200 people.

    And on Sunday, Feb. 22, the church will celebrate its fifth birthday with a name change to Journey Community Church.

    It’s been quite a journey for Burns and the church and he feels the name change is appropriate.

    “Our theme for the celebration is ‘Celebrating our past as Horizon Christian Fellowship, East County, and exploring our future as Journey Community Church,'” the pastor explained.

    The name change has no effect on Burns’ spiritual link with Mike MacIntosh of Horizon San Diego.

    “I still consider Chuck Smith (founder of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa) as our spiritual grandfather and Mike (MacIntosh) as our spiritual father,” the pastor said.

    Burns noted that the Bible has numerous examples of God changing the name of people in both the Old Testament and New Testament. God changed the name of people usually before they moved to a new station in life, he added – “It’s a God thing.”

    “We really like the new name. We feel it’s contemporary and really describes the Christian life of becoming like Jesus Christ – it’s a process, a journey. The reason for the change is to really let us be free to focus on our purpose – fulfilling God’s vision for the church. It also clears up any name confusion.”

    MacIntosh’s Horizon San Diego is headquartered in the Clairemont area. Burns noted that over 20 years ago that congregation was known as Calvary Chapel of San Diego.

    Horizon East – the name change to Journey Community Church is not official until Feb. 22 – has about 1,800 people attending weekly. In the last year it’s grown by 650 people and it’s seen 3,400 decisions for Christ in its five years.

    “It’s exciting to look back at the great things God has done – and we look forward to exciting things He has in our future,” Burns said.

    The church is located at 8363 Center Drive, La Mesa. For more information, call (619) 464-4544.

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