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    5 Simulation Games for Fans of ‘Hokko Life’

    Hokko Life is a community simulation game much like Animal Crossing, but with all the exciting challenges that Stardew Valley throws our way. Already on Steam Early Access as of June 2nd, you choose a town to call home then help the place develop into a charming abode for your animal companions.

    These are our hand-picked titles similar to Hokko Life, that you’ll enjoy if you loved the cozy indie title!


    Set after civilization has been obliterated, this enchanting game envelopes you in brand new life. Emerging from the underground to rebuild society, My Time At Portia is a great place to start with games similar to Hokko Life. By gathering resources, crafting and building you slowly gain the tools to collect food, store resources, chop trees and build dwellings.

    As seasons change and day turns to night, you slowly create a thriving ecosystem out of just ambition. You can even build a town, gain rewards and take on large assignments that get you venturing out beyond the city. Sometimes, you might even find yourself wandering into dungeons.

    Much like Hokko Life, the town of Portia is full of interesting, lovable characters to get to know, each with a unique story for the player to experience. Whether you’re looking for friendships or romances, you’ll be able to form meaningful relationships with other townsfolk. This community-building vibe is one of the many reasons Hokko Life is so highly anticipated. You’re free to make your own mark on the post-apocalyptic Portia and immerse yourself in a warm, welcoming town full of quirks and quests.


    Little Dragons Café is a strategy game about, you guessed it, running a café. Unlike many other farming sim games, you don’t have to earn money or painstakingly grow crops to delight your patrons. Simply explore, collect and cook. Oh, and raise a dragon.

    It starts when you decide to open a café with your twin sibling. (You can decide to play as Ren, the brother, or Rin, the sister, which is a pretty neat option.) After quickly realizing you need to learn to cook and manage your customers, the stakes are raised. Paired with the expectation of raising a dragon, you must deal with parenting, cooking and customer care—all at once.

    Although it sounds stressful, this game is anything but. Again, unlike other games like Stardew Valley, that require daily graft to progress, Little Dragons Café ticks along at its own pace regardless of your performance.


    You’ll quickly settle into the quirky rhythm of life that this world provides and its refreshing take on tasks is a nice change of pace. It’s an easy game to pick up and a great place to start for new or young players wanting to try out a farming game before Hokko Life.


    Retreating to a small town is always appealing, especially when it comes to simulation games. Stardew Valley is one of the most poignant on this list, having one huge similarity in common with Hokko Life. Both made by a single, independent developer, they each have desirable elements that any simulation lover will adore.

    Finding yourself in Pelican Town, you’re now in charge of the family farm. With plenty of town folk to befriend and romance—all with distinct personalities—it’s easy to get invested in Stardew.


    When you’re not immersed in the quaint narrative, you’ll need to be a top-quality farmer looking after your crops, animals and livelihood. A recent update means you can even add hats to your horses—what’s not to love?


    Backed by a groovy soundtrack, you start your life in a little rundown farm, situated in Oob. It’s your responsibility to cultivate, improve, and customize your agriculture. You’ll also need to learn how to throw some shapes.

    The mechanic that sets it aside from Hokko Life the most is the growing and training of your ooblets, which are the cutest little creatures that have crazy dance-offs on your behalf.


    With charming, stylized graphics and unique gameplay mechanics, Ooblets‘ work-in-progress nature is why we think it’ll remind you of your town of Hokko.


    Touch down on a deserted island and discover opportunities waiting for you. Paradise is what you make it in Animal Crossing. Any in the franchise will fit the bill, but the latest addition to the franchise, New Horizons, is definitely one to add to your list.

    Admittedly, AC has the most similarities with the highly anticipated Hokko Life. Crafting, decorating, fishing and bug hunting—each day brings a new adventure.

    Both games allow you to fashion the island however you like, which is a major bonus for any simulation gamer looking to completely immerse themselves.

    What’s a paradise without pals to share it with? Although you’ll only have a few to begin with, more eccentric residents will arrive as you grow and improve your island escape. If there’s elements of Animal Crossing you’ve always wanted to improve, expand or tweak, now is your chance with Hokko Life.


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