Groundbreaking celebration held for community private school


Many of San Diego’s most prominent community and business leaders — as well as a host of neighborhood residents — turned out on Wednesday, June 25, to celebrate the groundbreaking for Crenshaw Community Development School.

The new community-based private school is uniquely designed to meet the educational needs of low income minority and at-risk youth in grades 7-12 throughout San Diego.

“Where other schools may say a child can’t, CCDS says they can,” proclaimed Dwayne Crenshaw, administrative director. “We are committed to offering our students an unmatched opportunity to receive a rigorous education that will prepare them to be successful personally and as a community citizen.”

Several planned features of CCDS’ rigorous educational program include having a computer in every class for every student that is an integrated part of the instruction, and a college preparatory and innovative curriculum which will meet the University of California’s eligibility requirements and instruction from university professors. To help students be successful in this challenging environment, CCDS will limit classes to only 20 students, only hire credentialed and qualified teachers in core subject areas and provide individualized tutoring for students.

“Crenshaw Community Development School has planned an exceptional program for San Diego kids,” commented County Supervisor Ron Roberts. “I have worked hard to improve the quality of life for children in San Diego and I believe Crenshaw Community Development School plays an important part in building a brighter future for our kids.”

City Council member George Stevens added, “With the dramatic drop in enrollment to the UC system from students of color following the passage of Prop 209 and the UC’s rollback of affirmative action, it is important that this community strongly support schools like CCDS to help turn around this disappointing trend.”

Beyond textbook knowledge, part of CCDS’ vision is to prepare its students for community leadership. Its mission statement and objectives speaks of fostering in every student a genuine feeling of community pride and ownership; instilling in every student the values of community service and the sharing of one’s talents, gifts and abilities; and offering every student unique opportunities to intimately understand, as well as, work, volunteer, or intern in those institutions critical to the life of the community. Through the efforts of CCDS, it is hoped that at-risk youth who otherwise might be a part of a community’s problem, will instead be a part of the solution.

With a successful groundbreaking behind it, CCDS looks forward to opening its doors to its first students this September.

CCDS is a new educational initiative of Booker T. Crenshaw Christian College and School Ministries, a non-profit organization, which has over a decade of experience in educating those whom others have left behind. Call the school at (619) 235-0023 for details

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