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    Step By Step House Drawing Kids

    Drawing Kids With the help of simple, step-by-step drawing instructions and a video tutorial, learn how to create a fantastic-looking Simple House.

    You may easily draw a lovely Basic House according to the simple guidelines. Drawing Kids Do you want to learn how to draw a straightforward house? Using this simple architectural drawing guide, you may learn how to create a straightforward home outline.

    Easy House Drawing Kids

    The sizes of houses vary widely. They come in all sizes from modest houses and adorable cottages to palaces and apartments in large cities. A house’s main function is to keep us dry, warm, and safe. It provides us the space to keep our possessions. Additionally, it offers seclusion because it is a location a family can visit that is cut off from the outside world.

    What kind of residence do you have? What style of home do you envision yourself living in someday? By beginning this straightforward course, you can learn the skills necessary to create your ideal home.

    Step By Step House Drawing Kid


    • Trace the basic outline of the roof to start drawing the simple house outline. Using straight lines, create a form that resembles a trapezoid with no bottom. The eave is formed by gradually doubling the line back on itself at one end.


    • Define the roof’s remaining sides. The eaves are created by drawing a triangle without a bottom using straight lines. Draw a straight horizontal line from the end of the roof to the connection.


    • Draw lines parallel to two sides of the roof to give it a three-dimensional appearance. To finish the triangle, draw a straight horizontal line. In the triangle’s center, trace a circle.


    • Parallel to the triangle’s base, draw another straight line. Next, start at the three corners of the roof and draw three straight, vertical lines downward. This delineates the house’s corners.


    • To completely enclose the house, create a small horizontal rectangle at the bottom of the drawing. This serves as the structure’s base.


    • Inside the previous step’s narrow rectangle, draw a second one. Then, mark one end of the line vertically. The stoop or tiny porch is here. Draw another rectangle to represent the door above the stoop.


    • Draw a circle representing the doorknob, two rectangles inside it, and a door detail.
    • Draw the windows after that. A small horizontal rectangle should be drawn on each side of the home. The flower boxes are shown here. Enclose the vegetation that resembles clouds in each box with “U”-shaped lines. To create flowers that resemble daisies, use circles and “U” shapes.
    • Then, frame a rectangle above each flower box with three straight lines. At each window corner, enclose a smaller rectangle with straight lines, leaving a cross in the middle.


    • Draw, deleting, if necessary, a chimney on top of the home. A tall, narrow cube can be enclosed using straight lines. Inside the cube’s top facet, create a quadrilateral and shade it. This is the chimney’s opening.
    • On the chimney’s side, doodle a few rectangles to give it a brick-like feel.


    • To give the roof of your modest house the impression of shingles, add parallel, horizontal lines across it.

    Drawing a Fairy House

    As they can be mysterious and are featured in many children’s stories, fairy houses can be highly intriguing to young girls and youngsters. After gathering all the materials, you may create this incredible fairy house by following the instructions. You won’t need many materials, such as paper, pencils, colored pencils, etc. You can allow your child to color it on their own. artprojectsforkids

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