GOGGLEBOX: Celebrity Andrew Michael Dies Aged 61

Gogglebox celebrity Andrew Michael has died at the age of 61. Channel 4 has confirmed.

Gogglebox Death -The actor was famous for his appearance on the show along with his wife Carolyne as well as his children Louis as well as Alex.

The family was a part of the show, where viewers review the week’s programming in 2013.

A statement issued by Channel 4 and producers Studio Lambert stated that he passed away after an illness that lasted only a few days with his family at his side.

“Retired hotelier Andy who brought a lot of knowledge and humor to Gogglebox was one of the original cast members who appeared in the first episode of the show in 2013.” it read.

“Beloved Father of Katy, Alex, Pascal and Louis and a cherished spouse to Carolyne, Andy was a beloved and valued part in the Gogglebox family. He will be greatly missed.

“Our prayers and love will be with Carolyne and her entire family. The family has asked for privacy during this difficult moment.”

Gogglebox presenter Sophie Sandiford tweeted a tribute by saying: “Rest in peace Andy,” which was retweeted by her brother Pete as well as viewers of the series’ Malone family posted: “So very sorry Rest in Eternal Peace Condolences to Caroline and his children, family and friends.”

Michael Michael, who was born in Brighton was the child of immigrants parents who immigrated from Cyprus to UK from Cyprus in the year 1951.

The family was one of the first participants in the program when it was began eight years ago.

The pair disappeared from the show after Michael was an Ukip campaigner to Hastings and Rye at the general election.

Rejoin the series

He was not allowed to be on Gogglebox simultaneously and his family was dissatisfied with his decision to focus on politics.

He told an interview with a BBC interview that at the time: “We had a number of family gatherings where the children basically interacted with me. They asked me, ‘Dad what do you think you would intend to do this? What do you truly would like to be an Ukip MEP?”

However, they were allowed to rejoin the race after the winner was defeated. He finished third after garnering more than 6,800 votes or 13percent of total.

The daughter Katy as well as son Pascal rarely make an appearance on the screen.

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