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    GOD ANSWERS PRAYER -In The Hay He Did Not Stay


    Normally I feature answered prayer stories by other people, but this month, please allow me to indulge myself and print one of my own.

    Last Christmas Season, I visited a friend who shared with me how she was teaching her young son about Jesus. She was going to leave the manger in the nativity scene empty until Christmas morning, and then, on Christmas morning, she would place baby Jesus to signify his birth. I thought this was one of many good ways to demonstrate the true meaning of the day. Yet, as the holiday season progressed and I looked ahead to Easter, I grieved for Jesus.

    In the midst of the glitz, presents, lights, decorations and parties, I was reminded that many forgot the true meaning of both Easter and Christmas Day. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday! Thinking ahead to Easter, I reflected that for many families Easter means bunnies, eggs and chocolate, and Jesus is given only a courtesy thought. The Easter holiday celebrations and festivities fall short of those at Christmas, yet, without Easter, truly there is no reason for Christmas.

    With these thoughts circling in my mind, I prayed for God’s viewpoint. The following words are what the Lord spoke to my heart. I wrote them in seconds:

    “The earth is filled with the glory
    Of the boy in the Christmas story
    He was born in hay
    But there He did not stay
    He grew to be a man
    Obedient to the Father’s plan
    He was nailed to the cross
    So we wouldn’t be lost
    He took all our sin
    And placed it on Him
    In the tomb He did not stay
    The heaven’s made way
    For His entrance to the throne
    With Him we are never alone
    He is God and King
    And O how our hearts sing
    That the boy in the hay
    Did not stay.”

    Celebrate Jesus’ birthday this month by reflecting on His blessing for us. Make him a birthday cake. Sing “Happy Birthday Jesus” raising your voices to Him in praise and thanks.

    Through Him we can rejoice that He was born on this earth so we could be born into God’s Kingdom.

    If you have a personal prayer story that demonstrates God’s love and power, send it to [email protected] or P.O. Box 22785, San Diego, CA 92192. Stories may appear in several publications.Reprinted by permission.

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