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    GOD ANSWERS PRAYER Blessings Of Children!

    Parents-to-be suffer tremendous emotional turmoil when they desperately want children but are fruitless in their efforts. The news media knows of this emotional pain and celebrates with joy the news of couples who have been blessed with children, through either infertility treatments, adoption or “miracles.”

    The recent birth of the Idaho septuplets is one of many stories we read with happiness about the miracle of God’s gift of children. Although God does not guarantee us children, He can and does hear the aching prayers of barren women. The Bible says, “He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children” (PS 113:9 NIV). The following stories demonstrate God’s fatherly love for the yearning couple:

    Since the time we were married, my husband and I looked forward to having children. Soon the day came where we began actively to try to conceive a child. Months and then years went by with absolutely no results. We began seeking the help of books and doctors. Our doctor ran numerous tests on both of us again with no significant findings. Over the following two years we tried surgery and fertility drugs. This infertility process was extremely emotionally draining for both of us. In my frustration, one day I decided to stop it all. We decided to just trust God and wait.

    A year and a half later with still no baby we went to a church conference. During one of the sessions the pastor who was speaking felt like God wanted him to pray for infertile couples. So we eagerly went up to the stage in hope of finding relief to our pain. When the pastor began to pray for us my body began to shake and sobs from deep within me came pouring out. I felt as if God had come down from heaven to meet me. I had this overwhelming feeling that God was saying, “I have heard you.” We left that conference excited that God had touched our hearts. Several weeks later I went to the doctor and to our joy and surprise found I was pregnant. According to a later sonogram the date I conceived was the weekend of the conference where we received prayer. We had a trouble free pregnancy and on March 19, 1995 gave birth to a beautiful, healthy son. We named him Samuel which means, “Because I asked the Lord for him.” Surely the Lord heard our cry and came down and opened my womb.

    — A. Heaney

    A few years ago, while I was in Florida, I stayed with a Christian couple. They wanted to have children but were having trouble conceiving. One night the Lord told me they should have an intimate evening, so I encouraged them to follow God’s lead. The next night they attended church services and the minister told the woman she was going to conceive and have twins. Miraculously, she soon learned she was pregnant with twins.

    — B. Caliendo

    If you have a personal prayer story that demonstrates God’s love and power, send it to [email protected] or P.O. Box 22785, San Diego, CA 92192. Stories may appear in several publications. Reprinted by permission.

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