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    Friendship Day 2022: Know the real meaning of friendship

    Happy Friendship Day 2022:Friendship is the most beautiful bond which makes relationship easy. Friendship day is dedicated to the friends with whom you share the precious moments of life and this day is being celebrated on the first Sunday in the month of August i.e., today, 7th August, 2022.

    Friendship day is celebrated across the world by crores of people those who share special bond with their friends. Friends are the most important part of anybody’s life and when we talk about Friendship then Krishna and Sudama are considered to be the best example of friendship. Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends and they gained knowledge under the guidance of Sandhipani Guru, now that place is famous with the name of Sandhipani Ashram which is situated in Ujjain.

    After completing their education they got seperated for years mean while Lord Krishna became the King of Dwarka and Sudama became very poor as he could not even run his house but Sudama always had lord Krishna in his heart and soul and used to think of him always.

    One day Sudama’s wife asked him to meet his beloved friend Lord Krishna who might help him to get out of this bad condition. Sudama felt embarrassed to reach out to his childhood friend only to get a favour from him but after insisting, he agreed but he made it clear to his wife that he would not ask for any favour from him as he was the great devotee of Lord Krishna. Sudama’s wife supported his decision seeing the sincerity of her husband. On the day of his journey, his wife packed some flattened rice or poha for Shri Krishna as she knew it was his favourite food.

    After reaching Dwaraka, he asked to gate guardians to let him go inside to meet his childhood friend but nobody believed him and they treated him like a mad man as his condition was too poor that even his clothes were torn. After requesting so many times, guardians decided to ask Krishna about Sudama and when they told about Sudama to Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna ran to the gate leaving everything because he was too much eager to see his friend Sudama. He Hugged him on the road without even thinking that he is the King of Dwarka and established a new foundation which is called “ Friendship” on this planet.

    Shri Krishna has always proved that he is the real friend. According to the Hindu Scriptures, it is seen in Mahabharata also, when Draupadi was struggling at the time of ‘Cheer Haran’, she remembered only Shri Krishna and asked to help her to get out of this bad situation, being her best friend, Lord Krishna came to rescue her from that and there are a lot of stories where he has given a perfect example of friendship.
    So this friendship day is to cheer for real friends of life and also friendship is not just about status, money and other materialistic things but it is all about respect, love, affection and attachment for each other. Happy Friendship Day to all..!!

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