Flexibility and Convenience – Why an Online Art History Degree is a Smart Choice

Art history students learn to research primary sources and find meaning beneath the surface. They also develop analytical skills that help them tackle problems of all kinds, including those in business. Qualified undergraduate art history majors may enroll in graduate seminars with the consent of their instructor. They may also elect upper-level language courses.


Online art history degrees are ideal for students who may not be able to or wish not to, travel to campus to attend traditional lectures and discussion sessions. In addition, students who live in distant cities or states where few colleges offer a bachelor’s degree in art history can benefit from the flexibility an online program provides. An online degree in art history gives you a broad foundation of knowledge and critical insight into visual culture from ancient times to the present day. As such, graduates can pursue several careers, including museums, research and management positions. The degree also helps learners develop their skills in analyzing, understanding, and communicating ideas in writing and through discussions. In addition, an online art history degree can help you understand and appreciate artwork’s impact on society. For example, you will learn how different eras use paintings to communicate specific messages and what aspects of a piece can be used as symbols or references to certain historical events. In addition, you will gain perspective and appreciation of how the artistic expressions of a society can reflect their values and beliefs. This is particularly important if you plan to pursue a career in the arts, as it can provide a context for your future work.


As an art history major, you’ll explore the artistic expression of different periods. You’ll examine paintings, sculptures, and architecture from all over the world. You’ll also learn about the methods of art creation, cultural influence, and the value of art pieces. A bachelor’s degree in art history will prepare you for many jobs. You may work in traditional art settings, such as museums or galleries, or you might prefer working in more modern fields, like archivists and curators. In addition, many art history graduates go to graduate school and work in other areas of their field of study. Typically, bachelor’s degrees in art history take about four years to complete if you enroll full-time. However, you can often find accelerated programs that will allow you to finish your degree in less time.

Additionally, some colleges offer online-only programs much faster to complete than traditional on-campus programs. When deciding on an online art history program, ensure a recognized regional agency accredits it. This designation is important because it shows that the school has met certain standards and is a valid educational institution. It also means that your credits will be more likely to transfer if you change schools. In addition, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school will look better on your resume and help you qualify for grad school.


An online art history degree allows students to study at a pace that fits their schedule. An associate degree takes two years to complete, while a bachelor’s takes four years, depending on the program and whether a student studies full-time or part-time. A bachelor’s in art history gives graduates various career options, from museum and art gallery work to private appraisal and selling. Many art history majors also earn a master’s or doctorate, increasing their job prospects and allowing them to explore different topics of interest in greater depth. Regardless of what you do after graduating with an art history degree, internships and volunteering are excellent ways to gain experience in the field. Many employers consider this experience when promoting employees, which can be important for those who want to advance their careers in the future. If you’re planning to pursue a graduate degree in art history, enrolling in a graduate seminar while pursuing your undergraduate degree is wise. These seminars are usually open to qualified undergraduate students and may help you perform well in the department’s graduate admission process. In addition, you’ll also learn to do scholarly research on your own and be more prepared for the challenges of the Ph.D. program. For this reason, you must find a university that offers a graduate seminar as part of its art history curriculum.


Many people consider art history to be one of those useless majors, and a degree in this subject may not get you the best job, but that does not mean it is futile. An online art history degree will still allow you to study works within their social, political, cultural and intellectual contexts, and it will also help to develop your imagination and powers of observation and expression. Whether you are looking for an undergraduate or graduate degree, there is no doubt that it will take time to complete your studies. For example, earning a bachelor’s degree typically takes four years when you attend an on-campus college or university full-time. Still, this timeline can be shortened by taking courses offered throughout the year.

In addition, the flexibility of an online art history degree makes it a great option for students who already have a busy schedule and want to work on their degrees at a suitable pace. This is especially true for working professionals who have heavy commitments outside of school and may need help to attend on-campus lectures and discussion sessions. Lastly, an online art history degree is a good choice for those pursuing a postgraduate qualification. It can help them build the necessary skills for curating or museum and gallery management careers. Furthermore, understanding art and cultural history will prove valuable for other professions, such as exhibit designers, who must know how works were presented in their original contexts to create accurate displays.

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