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    “most helpful”

    K from London was sent a magazine and wrote: “It was the most helpful and clearest material I have ever read. It helped me understand a lot.” K then asked: “To be a Christian what kind of commitment do I need to make apart from going to church every Sunday? Can anyone be a Christian?”

    “a lot calmer”

    T from Manchester was sent literature and asked for more help. “I had only a vague idea of the story of Jesus. This has really brought home to me what it actually means to follow him and I feel a lot calmer about my life – like I’m not alone anymore. I am keen to find out more.” T then asked about suffering, requested prayer and contact with a local Christian, who told CEA that T is now attending church.

    “brought his large family”

    N from London was sent a magazine and asked for contact with a local Christian who told CEA: “I phoned him and he decided to come to church. Now he is a regular member, has signed up for an Alpha Course and has brought his large family to church.”

    “write to other prisoners”

    P from Waterlooville was sent information and then wrote: “I have been granted my parole. The literature you sent was very valuable and I have found myself a church which has made me feel most at home. I will be commencing an Alpha Course. Please pray that I will make positive and constructive decisions in the future. I would like to write to other prisoners. Thank you for all your help and understanding.”


    Most of the people who get in touch with Christian Enquiry Agency are offered the opportunity to be contacted by a local Christian. Some then ask for this and the stories that result are often so encouraging.

    Forgiveness card led to thrilling contact

    One of many people who asked for a local contact last year – having sent in a Contact Card about forgiveness, was a man from Scotland who we’ll call Michael. Through partner organisation Contact for Christ, Pastor Samuel McKibben from Inverness was asked to visit Michael and afterwards wrote to say: “When he [Michael] heard that Christianity was not about just going to church but building a deep friendship with Jesus Christ, he immediately said ‘That is what I want'”.

    Pastor Samuel McKibben - one of hundreds of Christians registered with Contact for Christ as local contacts for enquirers.

    Pastor Samuel had the privilege of helping Michael commit his life to Jesus and also gave him a Bible and some daily notes for new Christians. That’s not all: Samuel also wrote about the great thrill he had about being asked to visit Michael. “Eleven years ago when his family lived in Inverness they were members of my con-gregation and my daughter taught Michael in Sunday School. When they moved 22 miles away we lost contact with them.

    Can you imagine the thrill I had when this request came to visit, what once was a little boy in Sunday School. I am convinced that you were truly led of the Lord to allow me to be the contact. Thank you for the privilege”.


    Here are some more of the recent stories from different local contacts:

    “The 16 year old lad you referred to me has been coming to church ever since.”

    “She rang me and we prayed together on the phone and agreed to begin by looking at what is a Christian.”

    “He made a commitment to Christ at a recent meeting at our church. I am in the process of meeting with him in developing his new found faith. He really wants to know more about growing as a Christian.”

    “I contacted him by email just to say Hi. He replied and said he’d like to come to church but was nervous … He missed church but came to Christianity Explored.”

    “Met him on B wing where my wife and I lead a group most Wednesdays. He seemed pleased to meet us. Now he has a contact with the Wednesday group which he can take part in each week.”

    “I phoned him and he was positive. I invited him to church on Sunday and he was keen to come.” (The enquirer rang CEA to say he had been to church and wanted to go again and meet young people his own age.)

    “We have now had a visit to our church from him in response to my letter. I had a good conversation with him after the service and he was very interested.”

    “He has been visited and has started attending church and has signed up for an Alpha Course.”

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