Expensive allowances for government employees have not been proposed in the upcoming budget

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Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal did not propose any dear allowance to government employees in the meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the budget of the next financial year. And the Prime Minister did not raise this discussion by himself. It was confirmed this Thursday morning from several sources who participated in the meeting.

The meeting was held at Ganabhaban last Wednesday night, where various aspects of the budget for the coming financial year 2023-24 were discussed.

According to the sources, the prime minister has emphasized on monitoring system, maintaining foreign exchange reserves, increasing expatriate income through legitimate channels, etc. to increase the rate of implementation of annual development programs. In the meeting, the Prime Minister approved the summary of the budget for the next fiscal year 2023-24.

Earlier, a source in the finance department of the finance ministry told Prothom Alo that whether or not expensive allowances will be given to government employees in the budget of the next financial year, a discussion may be raised in the Ganabhaban meeting.

Sources said that no proposal for dearness allowance for government employees has been included in the budget preparations. However, if the finance minister or someone raises the discussion and if the prime minister takes it into consideration, then the finance department has prepared how much additional money may be required. In that case three thoughts or options were considered—10, 15 or 20 percent.

Sources also informed that for the next fiscal year 2023-24, out of a possible budget of 7.60 thousand crores, 77 thousand crores are being considered for the allocation of salaries and allowances of government employees. However, it has been calculated that if dearness allowance is given at 10%, 4000 crores, 6000 crores at 15% and 8000 crores will be added if 20% is given, the sources said.

Government employees are currently getting salary as per Pay Commission 2015. According to the recommendation of the commission formed under the leadership of the former governor of Bangladesh Bank Mohammad Farasuddin, this salary commission was made. In the recommendation of this commission, it was said that a new salary commission will not be formed, instead, there will be an increment or salary increase at the rate of 5 percent every year. Accordingly it is happening.

There is an estimate by the Ministry of Public Administration that there are 1.4 million government employees in the country. If we calculate the teachers belonging to various corporations and MPOs, this number will be around 2.2 million.

In the budget of 6 lakh 78 thousand 64 crores for the current fiscal year 2022-23, there is an allocation of 75 thousand 10 crores for the salaries and allowances of government employees.

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