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    Exodus Tour more than a concert

    Mark your calendars for Saturday, Oct. 25, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., for The Exodus Tour. The event is a major youth concert, but it’s also much more than a concert, with such activities as a low rider car show, car hopping and car dancing, low rider bikes, inflatable rock climbing, bungee run and obstacle course, a graffiti art exhibition, break dancing, pro skaters, custom Harley Davidson show, pro BMXers and more.

    The free event will be held in the parking lot of San Diego Qualcomm Stadium. Bands scheduled to appear include P.O.D., Dogwood, Switchfoot, Unity Clan, Insyderz, Dear Ephesus, No Innocent Victim, CMC’s, Tonex, and I.D.O.L. Kings.

    Speakers will include Pastor Mike MacIntosh, Miles McPherson, Russ Tatro and Noah Bernardo of Rescue Records, sponsor of the event.

    “Rescue Records currently is home for 10 ministry minded acts, ranging from hardcore to punk rock to rap and R&B;,” Bernardo states. “Jesus said, ‘I will make you fishers of men.’ We believe that for different types of fish you need different types of bait. In this harsh world, we need to give the youth something to hold onto that will never fail them – Jesus. The Exodus Tour, we pray, will do just that – bring these kids to our Savior.”

    The goal of the tour is to touch the hearts of those who don’t know God and to encourage the lives of those who do, Bernardo said. Many of the professional skaters and musicians performing will share their testimonies. Guest speakers will also share a message of hope and offer the gift of salvation.

    Rescue Records, based in Chula Vista, has been in business four years and this is the first stop of an international tour, Bernardo said. For more information, call (619) 476-3660.

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