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The wife of Tupac Shakur was born in NY on July 10, 1974. She is best known for being a Family Member. The ex-wife of the late, legendary rapper Tupac Shakur(2pac). She kept his memory alive by educating the youth interested in joining the industry.

The rapper met Keisha Morris in the run-up to his high-profile trial. Keisha remained close to the star right up until his murder. Tupac and Keisha’s short-lived union was annulled 10 months later but they remained in contact up until his murder a year later.

tupac wife picture keisha morris

She speaks about her marriage to the legendary rapper in a video published in the US overnight.

She told XXL Magazine they met at a club in New York and then continued to see each other on and off for a while.

The self-confessed ‘good girl’ decided to stay with the rapper through his court ordeal even though he warned her off.

Keisha said: “He told me ‘everything I touch, I damage, I don’t want you to be involved in any of this. I don’t wanna hurt you.’”

However, she decided to stay by his side and he proposed just before he was jailed.

The pair tied the knot four months into his sentence on April 29, 1995.

Keisha said: “(For him) it was more like, “I want people to take you seriously and let them know that you’re my wife.

“His thing has he wanted a visit every day, so he could get outta that cell. It was hard. It was such a dramatic process.

“If I wasn’t able to be there, I would make sure that someone else was there.”

However, despite her dedication things soon went wrong when the rapper was released from jail.

Keisha revealed: “Things were getting very different once he got bail, and I felt like I wasn’t needed anymore.

“It wasn’t a good feeling. I just felt like, wow, okay, it was over. Like, Okay, I don’t need you anymore. I’m getting out. That’s it.”

We got to know about her life from the news.

keisha morris and tupac married

Bio (Keisha Morris Wiki)

Born: 10 July 1974 (age 45 years), New York

Age: Keisha Morris is 45 years old

Spouse:  Tupac Shakur (m. 1995–1996)

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice from John Jay College.

Marriage Location: Dannemora, New York, United States

Keisha Morris Net Worth: $1 Million – $5 Million (Approx.)

Is Keisha Morris married?

While serving his sentence, Shakur married his long-time girlfriend, Keisha Morris, on April 4, 1995; the couple divorced in 1996.

Shakur stated that he married her “for the wrong reasons”. In an interview after his release, Shakur claimed to have written only one song during his incarceration.

Their marriage was annulled five months after Tupac was released from jail, in October 1995; the pair remained friends until his death.

Does Keisha Morris have a child?

Keisha Morris: ”When we got together Tupac said he wanted to have kids his publicist and our close friend Karen Lee, was shocked to see how much Tupac had changed.

She had never heard him talking about marriage or children Tupac picked out names he wanted to move to Arizona and name our Daughter Star and our son Michelangelo.

I liked Star but not Michelangelo, we tried to have kids but the weed that Tupac smoked affected us. Tupac also had visions of our future.”

The Source Interview, October 2000

Keisha Morris Shakur Instagram

Although we can’t find the official Instagram page, you can find her images using Instagram explore.

When Tupac was shot by an unknown assailant it shocked the entertainment world.

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