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    Frank Sanchez of Escondido loves to share the gospel. He feels blessed to know the Lord and has joy in his heart. And if you asked him which the Fruit of the Spirit was “his,” he would laugh and say it was patience.

    How else could someone take nearly 200,000 toothpicks and turn them into pieces of art?

    That is Frank’s hobby and calling. He uses the art to witness to people about his Lord. Frank lives in the Mt. Vernon Inn, a just off Center City Parkway in Escondido. His room is just down from the motel office, so practically everyone who stays at the motel sees the artwork in Frank’s window. He often uses a black light, which highlights the painted toothpicks.

    His large collection of pieces includes crosses, rainbows, the Star of David, the Burning Bush, Judgment Day, “Heaven Roses,” Calvary and many others. His longest project took four years and 25,000 toothpicks. He also can make a “simple” cross with 410 toothpicks in 8 hours – so it certainly is time consuming.

    “The artwork draws people in,” Frank says. “If I’m not here I’ll leave some gospel tracks by my door. Most of the time when I’m home I’m just reading the Word with the door open. God brings the right people and I’m accountable to share the Good News.”

    Employed as a forklift operator and truck driver, Frank dabbled in art before he became a Christian. He previously dabbled in drugs as well, until it ruined his life. However, he had a major transformation 10 years ago when he was saved. He attends Calvary Chapel of Escondido and is also involved in a rest home ministry.

    Some of his artwork was displayed at the church’s Halloween outreach this year.

    He sees a box of toothpicks as a church congregation – many pieces.

    Most of his creations are based on triangles – like the Trinity.

    Does he have a favorite piece? “No, not really. It’s just like God, who loves all His children.”

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