Dr. Robert B. Thompson, pastor, Mt. Zion Fellowship, Poway:

Our church¹s purpose is to provide a place where the people of Poway can find God¹s will for their life and learn how to pursue that will successfully. We are carrying out this purpose by having services at which all the people of the community are welcome. Also, we have a large sign facing the street with statements that we hope will help people as they drive by to pursue their daily tasks in a godly, constructive manner.

For example, a recent statement was, ³Each day in Jesus is more wonderful than the day before.² Another was, ³If you would have peace, why not come to know the Prince of Peace.²

Each Sunday morning for 45 minutes, prior to the beginning of the worship service, we conduct what is termed ³Burden Bearers.² Various members of the congregation present a devotional, which reflects their experiences with the Lord Jesus. When they finish, anyone with a burden or problem can come before those who have gathered and tell of their need. Then the group joins in prayer to assist that individual.

In addition, we have taken steps to cooperate with the Red Cross that we may assist in any community efforts to provide relief in the event of a major emergency.

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