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    Does Skyn Condoms Size Matter ?

    At last, a big size non-latex condom that feels as soft and natural as skin.skyn condoms size

    This LifeStyles SKYN Large Non-Latex Condom is precisely what larger SKYN customers have been looking for! This condom is

    not only more extensive than an normal size condom, but its size of the girth is larger too. Yes, men with good health are now able to feel as relaxed in condoms that are not made of latex like men of average size!

    Made of top-of-the-line Polyisoprene this SKYN Large Non-Latex Condom is the ideal choice for people suffering from allergies

    to latex because of its amazing softness, stretchiness and strength. Additionally, it does not feature the distinctive creaking sound of other non-latex condoms.

    The SKYN Large Non-Latex condom offers superior protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancies

    and due to its top-quality materials and durable grease, it feels like skin

    skyn condoms size

    Why skyn condoms size Matter :

    The way people built isn’t identically, nor condoms. Finding the correct size condom will enhance your comfort when wearing it. In addition, condoms are more efficient when they are properly fitted. 1

    The body of condoms is large enough to comfortably fit men of every size. However, even though condoms made of latex are

    extremely elastic, if your condom isn’t big enough, you might still feel uncomfortable and there’s an increased chance that the condom could break.

    skyn condoms size

    Condoms can feel tight around the edge (where they’re not as flexible) in particular in the case of a well-endowed. Condom makers have tried and to resolve this issue by making condoms with larger condom tips without altering the size of the body.

    By making that body less ,widening the tips the condom will be less likely to fall off during sexual sex. There are also bigger condom sizes that don’t just increase length, but width too.

    MATERIALS of skyn condoms size :

    As I mentioned earlier, SKYN condoms are produced with polyisoprene, which is synthetic latex which provides similar strength

    and feeling as condoms made of latex that are thin however without the potential for irritation that sufferers with allergies to latex.

    It may be counterintuitive make use of a synthetic latex in order to ease the pain of people who suffer from hardships due to

    their sensitivity towards latex. The reason why it is effective is because the majority of sufferers of these allergies aren’t

    allergic to real latex.but rather towards the proteins in plants that can contaminate it during the process of harvesting latex from trees.

    Polyisoprene can be made in an pollutant free laboratory .therefore it’s never affects by contamination, which allows for

    condoms to be made that offer the same properties as their latex counterparts, however not causing discomfort for those suffering from allergies.

    To ensure extra caution, SKYN condoms manufactured in a totally different facility from the one used to manufacture other condoms made from latex by Lifestyles.

    Taking Your Measurements:

    The majority of condoms produced by different lengths and widths. Therefore, keeping this in mind the size of condoms

    should remain determined by length and width of your penis. In addition, the size of your condom should always determined

    by how big your penis when it is erect. To determine your size, you should take a measurement of your penis while it is straight:

    * To determine the exact measurement of the length of your penis you need to hold one side of a tape or ruler and take a measurement the pubic bone up to the point of your penis.
    * To determine the size or width, take an easy measuring tape and wrap it gently around the largest portion of your penis. Take a measurement of your length using the tape or string measure.

    After you have taken your measurement ,you are able to utilize the condom size chart online on the site of shycart, which

    provides the sizes of condoms of the various brands (they aren’t universal) to select the condom that best matches the size of your erect penis.

    What is the matter with condoms that are inside?

    In-condoms offer the same protection against pregnancy and STIs like outisde condoms. They are made from synthetic latex, and coated with silicone-based grease.

    Contrary to the outside condoms inside condoms are available in a size specifically that design to fit the majority of vaginal canals. You can purchase inside condoms at many health clinics. They are also available online.

    There is no need to use condoms for both sides simultaneously. Both condoms could be damaged due to too much friction or may stick together and then fall off.

    SKYN Elite Condoms Specs

    Length ·  7.875″ (199.89mm)
    Width ·  2″ (50.8mm)
    Diameter ·  1.27″ (32.26mm)
    Circumference ·  4″ (101.6mm)
    Condom Material ·  Non-Latex Polyisoprene
    Lubrication ·  Silicone Gel & Fragrance Oil
    Special Features ·  Ultra Thin and Soft. Non-latex

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