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    Dobson calls on GOP to cease ‘betrayal’ of pro-family Republicans

    Republican leaders have betrayed pro-family voters and may not deserve further support, according to Focus on the Family President James Dobson. Dobson sharply criticized the Republican Party in a Feb. 7 closed-door speech to the Council for National Policy, which was reported Feb. 12 by the New York Times.

    In response to that leak, Dobson distributed a tape of his address to media outlets across the nation. In a letter accompanying the tape, Dobson said, “Conservative voters are tired of being taken for granted. I want to do what I can to help social conservatives get elected because I believe that they very soul of the nation is at stake.” Dobson emphasized that he was speaking as a private citizen, not as president of Focus on the Family.

    In his Feb. 7 address, Dobson accused Republican leaders of betraying the millions of pro-family voters who put the GOP in control of Congress. He called upon congressional Republicans to fulfill the promises they made to pro-family voters since coming to power in 1994 and was sharply critical of their failures to advance pro-life/pro-family policies.

    “Republicans ran on pro-life and pro-moral platforms in recent elections, but once they were in office, they grew strangely silent on the issues that had motivated their constituencies,” Dobson said. “Their record on the sanctity of life and other family-related legislation has been pathetic, creating a sense of betrayal within the GOP’s base of support. This week, for example, Dr. David Satcher was confirmed as Surgeon General with the help of 19 Republican senators, despite his support of partial-birth abortion, condom distribution to teens and other positions considered offensive to conservatives.”

    Dobson criticized Republican leaders on a variety of topics:

    • Providing $900 million to the International Planned Parenthood Federation and similar organizations to take the abortion philosophy around the world.
    • Failing not only to pass a parental consent provision giving parents the right to prevent abortions in their minor daughters, but also failing to pass a parental notification law which would give parents the right to know when their minor daughters are transported to abortion clinics by pro-abortion school officials. Dobson said 80 percent of the American people support such legislation, and condemned Republicans for lacking the courage to address it.
    • Failing to defund the National Endowment for the Arts.
    • Providing $200 million in funding for safe-sex ideology and condom distribution in schools.
    • Failing to eliminate the marriage penalty in the tax code.
    • Failing to pass school choice legislation.
    • The Senate in 1997 coming within one vote of passing a homosexual preferences bill that Dobson said would have created moral chaos in the country.
    • The Senate’s 96-3 confirmation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who Dobson called one of the most liberal and pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice in history.
    • Support given by Republican leaders to Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, who vetoed legislation in New Jersey to protect babies from partial-birth abortion, during her recent election. Almost every member of the House and Senate leadership, plus Dan Quayle and Steve Forbes, campaigned actively for Whitman. The GOP also gave her $1.5 million in campaign funds.
    • The silence from Republican leaders when President Clinton spoke to a national gay rights political organization and held a White House “hate crimes” conference where he called upon all schools in America to promote acceptance of homosexuality.
    • The recent failure of the Republican National Committee to pass a resolution denying campaign funding to candidates who would keep partial-birth abortion legal.


    Dobson charged that the RNC’s failure to pass the resolution against funding candidates who support partial-birth abortion amounted to putting party over principle. “What I heard from Republicans … was, ‘We cannot have power if we stand on principle. Please don’t take away our power,”‘ said Dobson. “What good is it to have power if you don’t use it for good?”

    He continued, “What are we talking about here? We’re not talking about ‘partial-birth abortion.’ We’re talking about murder during delivery. We’re talking about infanticide. I want to tell you all something from my heart: there is no tent big enough for me and people who will do that.”

    Dobson suggested that it may be time for moral conservatives to withdraw their support of the Republican Party. “Does the Republican Party want our votes – no strings attached – to court us every two years, and then to say, ‘Don’t call me. I’ll call you’? And to not care about the moral law of the universe?” asked Dobson. “Is that what they want? Is that the way the system works? Is this the way it’s going to be? If it is, I’m gone, and if I go, I will do everything I can to take as many people with me as possible.”

    Dobson said the Republican Party has “laid a foundation for a revolt, and I don’t even think they know it because they’re so out of touch with the pro-moral community.”

    He added, “In November 1994, nine million new voters came out who hadn’t voted before and put the Republicans in power; 43 percent of the total votes that Republicans got that year came from people who identified themselves as conservative, evangelical and pro-life. That’s an incredible constituency, yet they immediately set out to insult those who had put them in power.”

    Dobson concluded, “If we simply had a moral leader or a party of moral leadership who had the courage like Ronald Reagan did in confronting the Soviet Union, despite everything the press threw at him, for calling it the ‘Evil Empire,’ if we had people in government who stood for these things we believe and didn’t dance around and try to apologize and try to avoid criticism by the press but went right to the heart of it saying: ‘This is right, and I stand on it if no one agrees.’ We could win this thing, and we could do it fairly quickly, in my view. What we need are people of courage.”

    – E.P. News

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