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    Did Two Teens Injure in An Incident at a school in Sacramento Shooting ?

    ELK GROVE, Calif. Two teens were injured in an incident at a school in Sacramento County (sacramento shooting).

    According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said the shooting occurred in the area of Summer Sky Drive and Bastien Court, which is that is close to Florin High School.Deputies were called in after receiving news of an incident at around 3:40 p.m.

    A spokesperson from the sheriff’s department said that the teens sustained non-life-threatening injury to their lower bodies and were taken to a hospital. They were only identified as males.

    The details on what caused the shooting as of now, Lieutenant Todd Henry, with the Sheriff’s Office, said they are still searching for suspects but aren’t sure who was responsible for shooting the innocent victims at this time.

    “Obviously this was a very traumatic experience for the two teens. They were unable to provide much details to the first responding deputies about the other people at fault in this incident.” Capt. Henry explained.

    Henry stated that the teenagers might be between 17 and 17 years old and were Students of Florin High School.

    The shooting triggered an immediate lockdown at the school nearby according to Elk Grove Union School District. Elk Grove Union School District.

    There is no information about suspects disclosed at this point. The investigation continues however Capt. Henry has said that there is nothing which suggests an imminent danger to the community at this point.

    2Nd Case :

    Officials released on Tuesday afternoon the name of the man shot and killed on Sunday night in the vicinity of a liquor shop located in the South Land Park shopping center in Sacramento. Terence Raythail Lindsey, 43 from Sacramento was killed in the front of the store on the 5900 block South Land Park Drive, according to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.

    The fatal shooting took place in the South Hills Shopping Center in the area in front of Mike’s Liquor store.sacramento shooting

    The incident occurred around 7.15 p.m. Sunday night, police were called to the shopping center based following an incident report to officers from the Sacramento Police Department said in the news release. They attempted to provide life-saving aid for the person who was shot. Medical personnel from the Sacramento Fire Department pronounced Lindsey dead at the scene. Police said that he had at at the very least one gunshot wound.

    Detectives and crime scene investigators started the investigation and were able to search the area to find witnesses and evidence. The Police Department said no suspect information was available, and the motives that resulted in the shooting were being investigated.

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    The night of 18th March, 2018 Stephon Clark,

    In the afternoon of March 18 the 18th of March, 2018. Stephon Clark, who was a 22 year old African-American male was killed within Meadowview, Sacramento, California by Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet, two officers of the Sacramento Police

    Department in the backyard of the home of his grandmother as he held an iPhone in his hands.sacramento shooting

    . The scene was recorded by cameras belonging to the police as well as the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department helicopter that was involved in watching Clark standing on the ground and in directing ground personnel to the spot where the shooting occurred. The officers said they shot Clark with 20 rounds believing the gun was pointed towards them. Police discovered only a mobile phone in his possession. The Autopsy of the Sacramento County Coroner’s concluded Clark was shot seven times, and Clark had been shot 7 times which included three shots on the left side of his lower back.

    The pathologist employed for the Clark family said the following: Clark had been shot 8 times which included six times in the back.

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