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    Demon Slayer Sword Makers – All You Need To Know


    One of the key elements in the Demon Slayer story is the weapons used to slay demons. Without them, there would be no way to defeat demons. In this article, we will be taking a look at a list of Demon Slayer Sword Makers along with the information about their village, the swords they’ve forged, etc.

    These specially forged swords that kill demons are called as “Nichirin” blades. They are made with a particular ore that has the potential to absorb sunlight and infuse them into the blade, which is efficient against demons.

    Swordsmith Village

    Swordsmith Village

    This village is one of the oldest established village in the series, that has been around for over 300 years. This village is also the most important part of the Demon Slayer corps, as they make the demon slayer sword.

    As the name of the village suggests, it comprises only the demon slayer sword makers a.k.a the swordsmiths.

    There are only a handful of residents, but they provide the best quality blades to the members of the demon slayer corps on demand.

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    The location of this village remains unknown to the masses, not even to most members of the demon slayer corps. People will be blindfolded, nose plugged and carried by Kakushi if they want to travel to this village.

    Aside from the swords, this village is also the home to some of the best hot springs with amazing healing properties.

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    List Of All Demon Slayer Sword Makers

    • Tecchin Tecchikawahara
    • Hotaru Haganezuka
    • Kozo Kanamori
    • Kotetsu
    • Tetsuido

    Tecchin Tecchikawahara

    Tecchin Tecchikawahara - Demon Slayer Sword Makers

    Tecchin is the chief of the Swordsmith village and is probably the oldest person in the village.

    Given his age and status, he prefers to be treated with respect, even if it means him forcing people to do so. This is evident when he asked Tanjiro to bow down till his head touched the floor.

    Regardless, he is a nice person over all. He is also a master swordsmith who is responsible for forging blades for several.

    He also adopted Hotaru because Hotaru’s parents found it very difficult to raise a hot blooded, problem making child.

    Hotaru Haganezuka

    Hotaru Haganezuka - Demon Slayer Sword Makers

    Hotaru Haganezuka is a seasoned demon slayer sword maker with a muscular body and a hot head. He is very passionate about swords, but does not care about anything else.

    He also hates Tanjiro (in a comical manner) for damaging his prized creations which is evident when he sends angry letters to him.

    Haganezuka is said to have very intense concentration when he is forging his blades, which make him very asocial. Because of this most clients lose trust in him. This is why he was happy to see Tanjiro still trusting him with his blade.

    Another down side to his concentration is that, he couldn’t take off his focus even when he was being attacked by a demon.

    He also loves the nichirin blades to the point he can talk about it all day long.

    Kozo Kanamori

    Kozo Kanamori - Demon Slayer Sword Makers

    Kanamori is a super nice person who is very passionate about making swords. He is the one who made the demon slayer sword for Inosuke.

    When Inosuke chipped away his work, he got out of character and became very angry.

    He is a hardworking person which is evident by the several blisters that can be found on his hands.

    Kanamori is also one of the kindest person there is as he tried to protect his friends from the demon even though he was critically wounded.

    He is told to be married to a wife who is a perfect pairing for him to the point they even look the same.



    Kotetsu is the youngest, and the least experienced among all other demon slayer sword makers. Therefore he is not responsible for forging nichirin blades just yet.

    However, he is responsible for making repairs on the Yoriichi type zero, a battling doll made by Kotetsu’s ansestors.

    He is a very studious young man, who has no filters in his words. He speaks his mind without any tact.



    Tetsuido was the swordsmith who forged Tokito’s demon slayer blade and did any repairs. He’s an old man who has probably lived his entire life in the swordsmith village, supporting the demon slayers.

    We don’t get to see him without his mask, but all we know about his appearance is that he has white hair.

    There is not much infromation known about him other than the fact that he died of heart attack.

    Why Do Demon Slayer Sword Makers Wear Mask?

    There is no definitive answer to this question as it has not been mentioned in the anime or manga yet. It is probably to maintain privacy and is a part of their tradition.

    Or, it is probably more like a uniform for the swordsmith, because everyone can easily understand who they are by looking at their masks.

    But one thing we know for sure is that they don’t wear the mask to hide the fact that they are nichirin swordsmith. Rather, the masks pratically announce the fact that they are one.

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