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    Complete Schedule for the 2023 MLBB SEA Games, Starting Today

    PEOPLE’S MIND – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ( MLBB ) is one of the e-sport branches contested in the multi-event SEA Games 2023 Cambodia sports event. The MLBB branch was attended by 9 countries namely Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Timor Leste.

    MLBB itself started to enter the SEA Games in 2019, therefore 2023 will be the third year that Mobile Legends has become one of the official e-sports branches in Southeast Asia.

    The 2023 MLBB SEA Games will be held at Naba Theater, NagaWorld 2, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on May 10-14 2023. In the Male and Female categories, the participating teams have been divided into two groups via Group Draw. Here are the full details.

    At the SEA Games this time, the MLBB event will use a group and play off format. There are two groups, namely group A and group B. In the group stage, each country in the group will play against each other. After that, the top two countries from each group will advance to the play-off round. The play-off round will use a single elimination bracket system.

    2023 MLBB Women’s SEA Games Schedule

    The 2023 MLBB women’s SEA Games will be held earlier than the men’s team, namely on Thursday, May 10 2023. Following is the schedule for the 2023 MLBB Women’s SEA Games.

    Group Phase, May 10, 2023

    Match 1: 11.00 WIB Indonesia vs Cambodia

    Match 2: 12.00 WIB Cambodia vs Philippines

    Match 3: 13.00 WIB Philippines vs Indonesia

    Match 4: 14.00 WIB Malaysia vs Laos

    Match 5: 14.30 WIB Laos vs Vietnam

    Match 6: 15.30 WIB Vietnam vs Malaysia

    Semifinals, 10 May 2023

    Semi-final A: 18.20 WIB (Rank 1 Group A) vs (Rank 2 Group B)

    Semi-final B: 19.20 WIB (Rank 1 Group B) vs (Rank 2 Group A)

    Finals, 11 May 2023

    Bronze Match 14.00 WIB: (Lost in Semi-Final A) vs (Lost in Semi-Final B)

    Grand Finals 16.30 WIB: (Win in Semi-Final A) vs (Win in Semi-Final B)

    MLBB Men’s SEA Games Schedule

    The SEA Games MLBB Men’s matches will be held on Friday, 12 May 2023 after the women’s matches are concluded. Here’s the schedule.

    Group Phase, 12 May 2023

    Match 1: 11.00 WIB Philippines vs Laos

    Match 2: 12.00 WIB Vietnam vs Timor Leste

    Match 3: 13.00 WIB Indonesia vs Cambodia

    Match 4: 14:00 WIB Myanmar vs Singapore

    Match 5: 15:00 WIB Malaysia vs Philippines

    Match 6: 16:00 WIB Laos vs Vietnam

    Match 7: 17:00 WIB Myanmar vs Indonesia

    Match 8: 18:00 WIB Cambodia vs Singapore

    Match 9: 19:00 WIB Timor Leste vs Malaysia

    Match 10: 20:00 WIB Philippines vs Vietnam

    Group Phase, May 13, 2023

    Match 1: 10.30 WIB Cambodia vs Myanmar

    Match 2: 11.30 WIB Vietnam vs Malaysia

    Match 3: 12.30 WIB Laos vs Timor Leste

    Match 4: 13.30 WIB Singapore vs Indonesia

    Match 5: 14.30 WIB Timor Leste vs Philippines

    Match 6: 15.30 WIB Malaysia vs Laos

    Semifinals, 13 May 2023

    Semifinal A: 16.30 WIB (Rank 1 Group A) vs (Rank 2 Group B)

    Semi-final B: 18.30 WIB (Rank 1 Group B) vs (Rank 2 Group A)

    Final Round, 14 May 2023

    Bronze Match: 13.00 WIB (Lost in Semi-Final A) vs (Lost in Semi-Final B)

    Grand Final: 15.30 WIB (Win in Semi-Final A) vs (Win in Semi-Final B)

    This is the complete schedule for the 2023 MLBB SEA Games for the men’s and women’s teams. ***

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