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    College protests ads promoting sex


    The Phillip Morris Corporation may be used to having its money refused because of opposition to the tobacco industry, but the industry giant probably did not expect the recent refund it received from Belmont Abbey College. According to a story by Chris Osborn in the Charlotte Christian News, Dr. Robert A. Preston, president of the Belmont, N.C., Catholic college returned a $20,000 donation Feb. 9, and released Phillip Morris from its pledge of an additional $20,000, because of the content of an advertisement in that date’s edition of Time magazine.

    The full page ad for Phillip Morris’ subsidiary cigarette brand Virginia Slims featured an attractive female model with the printed words, “You’re officially our boyfriend when we actually make space for you in our closet.” After his staff and the Trustees, “to a person,” supported returning the money, “that confirmed it,” said Preston.

    – E.P. News

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